About Us

Who We Are

Trumpia was founded in 2006 in a small apartment, and has grown into a dynamic company with over 80 passionate employees. We are headquartered in sunny Southern California. We work tirelessly to offer the world's leading automated engagement platform using text messages, email, and other communication channels.

Our latest automated workflow builder is called Trumpia Workbench and it's designed to help our customers boost revenue, customer engagement, and employee satisfaction. Workbench's ability to create customized workflows without a programmer delivers customized communication solutions in hours and days instead of weeks or months. We developed Workbench because even the most sophisticated end-user tools and basic workflow builders have limitations that we strive to eliminate.

Origin of Trumpia's Name

A trumpet is a musical instrument that has traditionally been used to celebrate or announce victories. Trumpia is a variation of trumpets. The modern-day equivalent of a trumpet is sending text and email messages to subscribers.

Evolution of Trumpia

Company is
Rebranded to Trumpia
Developed A2P
(Application to
Person) Texting
Launched White
Label Platform
Moved into Trumpia's
current office building
Pioneered Omni-Channel Automation
Launched Dedicated
Account Management Service
Workbench, Automated
Workflow Builder, Launched
Named #1
SMS Marketing Software by Forbes

Our Culture
and Team

The three pillars of our company are CAP (Community, Attitude, and Professionalism). We wear these CAPs everyday to build a culture that promotes growth and development/opportunity /fulfillment for our customers and employees.

  • Community

    We care about building each other up and excelling together. We seek collaboration with others, not just within our respective department, but with other teams and departments as well. We embrace both the differences that make us unique and the shared passion that brings us together. Simply put, Trumpia's community and mindset are the strongest links in the chain that makes us the pioneer of SMS automation.

  • Attitude

    We believe that positivity is vital in order to realize the full power of our team's potential both inside and outside of the office. “Can't” and “won't” are words we strive to erase from our vocabulary, replacing them with a “can-do” attitude. We also strive to spread this positivity with our customers and partners in order to build better relationships and help everyone succeed together.

  • Professionalism

    We fully believe in the importance of expecting the best from ourselves and others. This doesn't mean being afraid to make mistakes, but rather consistently learning from them to grow as professionals. Our management philosophy emphasizes focusing on how our team can grow to meet new challenges, and our members are constantly growing into roles that give them increased professional development and responsibility.

Ken Rhie, CEO

Ken Rhie received his MBA from Harvard Business School. From there, he launched his career in the software technology space. He served as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte, Group-Product Manager for Ashton-Tate, and the Director of Marketing for Symantec. With that experience, Ken Rhie then went on to build three successful companies: NetPhonic Communications, ThinkFree Inc., and Trumpia.

Work With Us

Trumpia's fun and tight-knit team focuses on working together to meet challenges head-on. Whether it's a small nonprofit or a Fortune 500 company, our team has a variety of clients that we work with in order to give our team diverse and exciting challenges to meet. With competitive benefits and fun team building, we strive to build a strong team both at work and outside of it. See what positions are available to join our team!