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  • "The software is easy to learn and user-friendly. We can definitely change a day's sales with a message, even during a hurricane!"

    Amy Moler, Marketing Director of HighFive Frozen Yogurt

  • "Since we started using Trumpia, we have increased our sales by 50%!"

    Amanda, Bellezza
    Tanning & More LLC

  • "We use it to coordinate deliveries and shipments. Truckers get alerts when shipments are available to be picked up, and customers get alerts that their order is ready and on the way."

    Jonathan Shin, Web Application Developer Associate of

  • "Since using Trumpia, there has been an increase in response and productivity. The response is actually going well. It's better than expected."

    Scott Park, VP of User
    Acquisitions and Strategy
    of NHN Entertainment

  • "By sending out coordinated SMS text, Facebook and email marketing campaigns, we can reach more customers in less time. Trumpia also allows us to provide the right offers to the right people at the right times so that we can quickly and easily increase our traffic and sales."

    Nicole Stratton, Marketing Coordinator of Jack's Surfboards

  • "During the holidays when consumers are pressed for time, there will be a heavy reliance on mobile devices for delivering information, promotions, and sales. With Trumpia, it's been very successful in getting people excited about our upcoming promotions."

    Jimmy, Owner/Manager of Attic

  • "The software was definitely easy the first time I used it, and it's really easy to set things up. Everything was in real time, and that's what we really needed. We cut off voting 30 minutes before we named the winner, but we could have cut it off just 5 mins before with Trumpia's real time accuracy."

    Huy Nguyen, Senior VP Sales and Client Relations of PointBurst

  • "When we first signed up, their training and onboarding helped us quickly learn everything we needed to know. And their support staff continued to be very helpful, handling everything promptly and without any issues. Everyone loves Text-to-Win, and the response rates have been great."

    Kelly Orlando, Senior Campaign Management of RMG Mall Media