Auto Campaigns

Trumpia’s Auto Campaigns carry out messaging campaigns for you without the need to code or maintain the system after set up. Just set it and forget it, and our software will take care of the rest, saving you valuable time and completing complex tasks that would be impossible to do manually.

How It Works

  1. 01 Set a condition for the Auto Campaign. For example, whenever a contact:
    • texts your keyword
    • clicks your link
    • responds to your message
    • accumulates 20 points in Lead Scoring
    • completes a survey, etc.
  2. 02 Set the corresponding action that will be set off when the condition is met. For example:
    • send a message
    • initiate a drip campaign
    • add the contact to a distribution list
    • save data to the contact’s profile
    • send an automated reminder, etc.
  3. 03 The tasks can be set to wait minutes, hours, weeks, or days before being carried out.

This powerful feature can be implemented in a number of ways:

Campaign Suggestions

Trumpia can automatically give you suggestions on how to improve your auto-campaigns based on anonymous data we’ve collected from our very own users’ successful campaigns. And the best part is that this feature will always get better and smarter as more user data is collected.