Text Bot

Trumpia’s intelligent Text Bot is a powerful use of our Auto Campaigns feature that dynamically interacts with your subscribers based on how they respond to your messages. This means it can automatically answer common questions or send customers to the correct information without tying up your employees on the phone. Help them navigate a maze of valuable information you can offer via texting.


  1. 01 An HR department sets up the keyword “HRinfo” for employees to text for more information.
  2. 02 When texted, the employee is automatically sent a message asking if they want information about 1) Reimbursements, 2) Benefits, or 3) Conflict Resolution.
  3. 03 If the employee responds “2”, they would then be asked if they want to know about 1) Healthcare, 2) Prizes, or 3) Incentives
  4. 04 If the employee responds “1”, they could be sent healthcare information.
  5. 05 Better yet, if the company has collected information about the employee in our system such as their position, age, and chosen healthcare plan, they could be sent an even more specific link based on this data, automatically.