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Report Manager

Trumpia's Report Manager feature allows you to view comprehensive SMS marketing analytics and reports on your messaging campaigns in order to make sure they are as effective as possible. See what worked and what didn't, and apply what you learned to future campaigns.

Benefits of Trumpia's Reports

  • You can pull up your reports whenever you need them.
  • By having more data, you can accurately measure your ROI.
  • Get a snapshot of a campaign's progress on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

Reports Categories

Reports may be pulled for any user or sub-account from within the platform *,

  • Logs showing the subscribers who received a message and those who did not
  • Total number of successfully sent messages
  • Total number of failed messages
    (as well as a list of all subscribers who fail to receive a text message)
  • Total number of subscribers who have opted out
  • Time of Day messages have been sent
  • Demographic information can be viewed in our contact database page
  • Tracking which opt-in methods are used and how often
  • Tracking how subscribers are choosing to opt-out
  • Deliverability statistics
  • Credit usage reports
  • Voting results

Trumpia can also provide the following reports upon request:

  • Opt-Out Report - list of phone numbers who have opted out
  • Message Log - list of all messages sent (content and recipients)

Custom Reports

If you need specific reports that are not listed in our Report Manager feature, our Custom Development team can create them for you for a fee.

* Note: All reports are available indefinitely unless the user cancels Trumpia service or is inactive for 90 days.