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What are Data Sets?

Data Sets keep contacts, features, credits, and message history separate between different departments, employees, and locations in your organization. For example, you can have unique data sets for different locations, so that each location can run their own promotions and only communicate with customers in their area. Or you can have separate data sets for every department so they can only message contacts that are relevant to their role.

What is Access Control?

Access Control lets you make it so each team member only has access to data and features that are relevant to his or her job. Access Control is easy to manage, yet powerful enough for national organizations with thousands of employees and multiple locations to effectively manage data sharing, security, and corporate compliance.

How It Works

  • 01The administrator is able to limit staff member access to a certain Data Sets based on their role, location or department.
  • 02For data access and monitoring of service quality, the designated administrator will have the ability to view each staff member's accounts.
  • 03To ensure privacy, each staff member could be assigned to their own separate authorized Data Set so contacts, messages, and reports do not get mixed up.