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Voice Broadcast

Trumpia's voice broadcasting allows you to reach out and connect with your entire audience with a pre-recorded phone call. Voice messaging is effective because it allows you to put a human touch to your messaging, and may be preferred by some subscribers on both mobile and landline phones.

Advantages of Trumpia's Voice Broadcasting

    • Just record and upload any audio file to serve as your message.
    • Our text-to-speech system can also read your text and generate recorded messages for you.
    • You get to choose whether you send your voice message to one person or a group of people at one time.
    • Schedule your voice message to go out immediately or on a specific date and time, or to a specific subset of subscribers.
    • You can even have your message sent again if there is no answer or if there is a busy signal.
    • Target specific members or groups of your audience with more relevant messages.

Voice Messaging Use Cases


Send Reminders

  • While text and email reminders are very effective, voice reminders are also great, particularly for older audiences.
  • Minimize the amount of voicemail messages your staff needs to leave by just sending a pre-recorded message instead.

Use Voice As Part of a
Multi-channel Strategy

  • Voice messaging is a great way to reach your subscribers, but when you take a multi-channel approach you ensure that you cast a wide net.
  • Segment your messaging so you reach subscribers on the channels that they prefer.

Managing Customer

  • Re-engage customers with a friendly voice message.
  • Record a personal and memorable invitation to an event.
  • Send a holiday or seasonal greeting to celebrate the occasion with your customers.

Blast Urgent or Critical

  • Send out important, time-sensitive messages that will be heard immediately.
  • Reach the audience members who don't use mobile phones or the Internet.

Voice Messaging FAQs

Can I record voice messages myself?

Yes, you can record any message you like and upload it to our system. You can then choose who you want to send the message to and schedule the voice broadcasts to go out at any time you wish.

How many credits do Voice Messages cost?

For Trumpia, voice messages cost three messaging credits per minute. Other providers may charge more. Please note that voice messages have a maximum length of 3 minutes.

Can I choose who I send voice messages to?

Yes. With Trumpia you can upload a list of contacts or choose from your existing contacts and only send messages to them.