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365-Day Support

For Trumpia, customer service and technical support are not an afterthought. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, depth of knowledge, and 365-day support with an average first-response of under 9-minutes during business hours (including major holidays).

What You Get:

Getting our help is never a challenge. We offer support from 6AM to 6PM Monday - Friday and 8AM to 4PM Pacific Time on weekends and holidays via:


Phone Support

Unlike a lot of our competitors, actually getting us on the phone to help isn't a problem. In fact, we're here 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Our team is here to help from 6AM to 6PM (PST) Monday Through Friday. On the weekends, our hours are 8AM to 4PM (PST). We also provide support on holidays.

Priority Support

Available to the Mid-Enterprise Plan and above, priority support ensures that your support tickets are responded to first.


Here are some of the answers to the most commonly asked questions we get in regards to our support team. Before you spend time searching up the answers yourself, read some of these questions and answers below in case there are questions that people have already asked!

Does access to 365 day support cost anything?

The answer is no. When you use Trumpia to power your marketing and communication needs, you automatically have access to our support team 365 days a year. This is an amazing value, considering the fact that you have access to our high quality support team with no additional cost. Please note that the level of support may vary by plan, as online support is for everyone but phone support may be restricted to higher plans.

What if my question requires more help than just a simple answer?

We actually have a dedicated team that is designed to walk with you through every step of the process. They will help answer your questions, and can escalate depending on the severity of your issues.

What if I do not know how to use the system as a whole?

This is a great question - we actually have a myriad of resources and demos available that so many people have used before you in order to learn and continue to understand our software to a deeper level. So if you are ever curious about how a certain feature works, check out our feature page on our website!

Our 365 day support is one of the Trumpia advantages that separates us from the rest of our competitors.