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Best Practices

Best Practices

Here at Trumpia we want you to have the most successful marketing campaign possible. We have compiled a list of the most effective techniques for cross-channel marketing.

    1. 01 Collect your own contact list through opt-in features; never rent or purchase lists.
    2. 02 Specify the end dates of promotional campaigns to encourage customers to act quickly.
    3. 03 Include a compelling call-to-action and incentives to encourage a response from your audience. For example: "Shop online today and save 15% off your entire purchase!"
    4. 04Use Smart Targeting to automatically make sure all message content is relevant to your target audience.
    5. 05 Test messages thoroughly before sending, making sure all links are active and spelling is correct.
    6. 06 Send messages at appropriate times of day, avoiding early mornings and late nights.
    1. 01 Choose a short and easy-to-remember mobile keyword that associates with your business or promotion.
    2. 02 Choose a short code, local number, or toll-free number to send messages based on the nature of your campaign.
    3. 03 Announce keywords on flyers, store signage, social media, via broadcast, your website, and other highly visible places for increased exposure. You don't have to start any new campaign for SMS subscriptions. Just add information on mobile keyword in all of your existing campaigns.
    4. 04 Frequency matters - Avoid sending more messages than the number you stated in your opt-in welcome message.
    5. 05 Make sure mobile keyword advertisements abide by CTIA rules and regulations by clearly displaying a disclosure with content including:
      • Your organization's name
      • A brief description of your program and the content type you plan to send
      • Instructions on how to opt-out
      • Age requirement to be in your program if applicable
      • Frequency of SMS campaign messages
    1. 01 Keep subject lines concise and catchy, including calls-to-action to increase open rates.
    2. 02 Immediately state the purpose of the email in the title or the beginning of the email body.
    3. 03 Have a good balance of both text content and images to improve deliverability.
    4. 04 Avoid certain words like "free" or "save" to mitigate the risk of your emails being marked as spam.
    5. 05 Your font size should stay between 8pt and 14pt. Messages with font sizes that are too small or too large can trigger spam filters.


Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your campaigns are fully compliant, so please be sure to check all relevant industry and carrier regulations including the TCPA, CTIA, CAN-SPAM Act, and MMA. For more ideas, check out how our customers have successfully used Trumpia on our case studies and industry pages.
To learn what qualifies a message as spam and how to avoid getting your campaigns flagged for it, please refer to our Anti-Spam Policy page.