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Case Study:

100k Opportunities Initiative

Employment initiative uses Trumpia to help reach underserved young people.

The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative is one of the largest employer-led groups that focuses on hiring young people who are not currently in school. Organizations from a variety of industries are paired with nonprofits with the aim to topple many of the barriers to employment that may stop young people from having great jobs. By pairing new ways to find jobs with better ways to reach the youth, they aim to make a big difference in Chicago.

The Challenge

The Chicago 100,000 Opportunities Initiative was founded with one goal in mind: finding underserved kids in the community good jobs. Reaching these kids about job opportunities looked to be a tall order, but the Initiative had a team of interns that were committed to making a difference in their community. The Chicago 100,000 Opportunities Initiative challenged their interns to look for a strategy that could reach the most number of kids.

"Trumpia was very effective. We surveyed the kids, and 90% of them identified cell phones as the primary way they wanted to be contacted. And of that 90%, 90% of them opted in for our texting program."

Daniel Yao

Our Solution

The interns knew texting was the primary way young people communicate, so they decided to center their campaign around it. That's where Trumpia came in. Inspired by strategies used by Uber and Lyft, the interns chose to print their mobile keyword "Jobs4u" and information about the program on a business card. Fill out the form to view the full case study!