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Case Study:

Extreme Mustang Makeover

Using a text-to-vote campaign, the Mustang Heritage Foundation let event goers vote for their favorite mustang.

The Mustang Heritage Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps to adopt out mustangs and burros. Since being founded in 2001, it has helped the Bureau of Land Management to adopt out a number of extra animals and find them good homes.

The Challenge

Event marketers have always tried to create interactive and engaging campaigns during live events to drive attendee involvement and participation. The Mustang Heritage Foundation holds eight non-profit competitions for horse enthusiasts across the country to highlight the value of training wild horses. It has always been challenging to receive live feedback from scattered audiences in real-time - while still maintaining overall fan satisfaction for event contests. During the biggest event of the year, the Extreme Mustang Makeover Competition, the Foundation implemented an innovative mobile voting campaign to help facilitate choosing the Fan Favorite Winner.

"[Before Trumpia] we did not have an organized way of allowing fans to vote. We tried judging and voting by applause, but fans seemed extremely unsatisfied with these methods and did not agree with the results. We knew who the top 20 choices were going to be beforehand, so we created 20 different mobile keywords the night before"

Melissa Thorne, Creative Director

Our Solution

Using Trumpia's mobile keyword technology, fans could vote for their favorite mustang by texting the keyword assigned to their favorite and the results could be tallied in real time. Fill out the form to view the full case study!