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Case Study:

Science of Parenting Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

University Extension program increases blog traffic through mass texting.

The Science of Parenting is a program offered through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. It is a blog that presents research and resources to help parents raise their children.

The Challenge

Science of Parenting posts a new article about once a week at an undetermined time. Because readers didn't know when or how often to check back for new posts, Science of Parenting sought an effective way to alert subscribers when a new article is posted.

"When we set up our account, we were taken through the platform. We both have fulltime jobs, and we're not marketers at all, so the onboarding process was really helpful in getting us up and running. We're looking forward to diving deeper into the platform to use more of the advanced features moving forward."

Lori L. Hayungs, Human Sciences Specialist at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

Our Solution

Trumpia helped Science of Parenting set up a mobile keyword, "SCIPARENT", that readers could text to subscribe to its messaging program. Fill out the form to view the full case study!