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Case Study:

Mercer Area School District

Mercer Area School District uses Trumpia to send attention-grabbing critical alerts.

The Mercer Area School District encompasses multiple areas of Mercer County, PA. It includes two schools serving a variety of grades, from elementary to high school.

The Challenge

The Mercer Area School District was looking for a more effective way to communicate during critical situations. Emails don't get seen in time and phone calls would require all day to contact each individual parent, student, faculty, and staff member.

"A local newspaper subscribes to the alert system as well. When the bomb threat happened, they got the news first from our text messages. That's the speed a system like this can offer."

Dr. Ronald Rowe, Superintendent of Mercer Area School District

Our Solution

The Mercer Area School District uses Trumpia's text messaging software for both schools. First, they prompt each student to opt-in when they receive their enrollment packet. And while many students do sign up for the alerts, adoption amongst parents is much more prevalent. Fill out the form to view the full case study!