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Case Study:

Pasco Fire Department

Pasco Fire Department covers shifts and boosts attendance at union meetings and events with SMS alerts.

The men and women of the Pasco Fire Department have served the citizens of the city of Pasco and the surrounding communities since 1852.

The Challenge

The Pasco Fire Department faced difficulty communicating important alerts to their union members/fire fighters. Through the years, they transitioned from pagers to word of mouth, but effective mass communication always alluded them. And even when they tried to mass text, they found it tedious when sending from a personal mobile phone.

"The web-based solution made it easy for organizers to pull up their phone, tablet, or computer to send a message no matter where they were, like at home or in the office. The UI was intuitive and easy to train on. Keyword opt-in made it easy for union members to sign up without having to fill out any information."

Ben Shearer, Pasco Firefighter

Our Solution

Using Trumpia's mobile keywords, the Pasco Fire Department was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they were able to collect contact information from union members and firefighters. Fill out the form to view the full case study!