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Case Study:

Jon Beaupré of CSULA

Professor Jon Beaupré of California State University, Los Angeles significantly increases student participation with an in-class text-to-screen program.

Jon Beaupré is a long-time professor of California State University Los Angeles' TV Film and Media Studies Department. Beaupré has worked extensively as a voice and performance consultant for radio and television performers, as well as a radio producer and journalist for local and internationally-syndicated programs.

The Challenge

Beaupré felt as though there was a shortage in educational tools that would help create an effective and interesting academic setting for his class. He was looking for something that would appeal to his students and be powerful enough to push even the most timid ones to speak up and participate. Beaupré wanted to get all of his students involved, but he knew that it would be difficult since large classroom settings are often intimidating for students. These were important objectives to meet in finding the right tool for his TV Film and Media course.

"I know that students are going to be texting in class regardless of what the rules are. Trumpia's Text-to-Screen feature has allowed me to turn that distraction into something productive and has helped me get students more involved."

Jon Beaupré, CSULA

Our Solution

Beaupré has seen a noticeable increase in participation, especially among students who may not have joined the class conversation without the help of Text-to-Screen. Fill out the form to view the full case study!