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Case Study:

Center for Innovation at Regional One Health

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The Center for Innovation at Regional One Health strives to help healthcare professionals stay relevant and resilient through the cultivation of disruptive healthcare ideas. They provide a framework, space, equipment, and other resources for internal and external innovators to take risks, develop new ideas, and build prototypes, all in the pursuit of driving healthcare innovation.

The Challenge

The Center for Innovation was looking for a streamlined way to keep their facilities cleaner. They had a team that maintained their facilities, but needed a way for the staff to obtain automated, real-time alerts from anyone when an area needed servicing without relying on staff to complete their rounds. As a result, issues could go unresolved for longer than desired.

"We started with 10-12 locations of various types and then validated that bathrooms were our #1 priority. Since the implementation of our 'text-to-clean' program, we've noticed that the need was significant and have expanded to our entire campus."

Alejandra Alvarez, PMP, CPXP, Director, Center for Innovation at Regional One Health

Our Solution

With Trumpia, they found an automated solution to their problem. To start, they set up signs with unique mobile keywords and QR codes in every bathroom. When something was wrong, anyone could text the keyword or scan the code. They would instantly be asked what needed services amongst a number of options like something needing to be refilled, the facility being unclean, or something being broken. Based on their answer and the location of the bathroom, the appropriate team member would instantly be alerted. That way, the maintenance team could go to the facility knowing exactly what needed fixing. When the job is done, the Center even had the team member text a special keyword, so management could get accurate metrics on how long certain maintenance or repairs took to fix.

Based on their success with bathrooms, the Center even recently expanded their use into clinical rooms for COVID patients to notify Environmental Services that those rooms needed to be cleaned. Fill out the form to view the full case study!