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Case Study:

RMG Mall Media

RMG Mall Media runs multiple text-to-win programs simultaneously by creating a separate trackable keyword for each campaign.

RMG Mall Media is a premier mall based digital network that specializes in engaging affluent audiences in premium shopping mall food courts across the U.S. With multiple advertising and marketing campaigns already running through their network, RMG utilized Trumpia's technology to run a more specific Text-to-Win campaign.

The Challenge

Having never run a Text-to-Win campaign before, and knowing that everyone loved this aspect of marketing, RMG was looking for a cost-effective way to test the waters. Their challenge then was simple: simultaneously run multiple Text-to-Win campaigns throughout their mall-based food courts.

"Trumpia helped us build the interaction reporting we were looking for. Initially when we first signed up, their training and onboarding helped us quickly learn everything we needed to know. And their support staff continued to be very helpful from then on, handling everything promptly and without any issues. Everyone loves Text-to-Win, and the response rates have been great."

Kelly Orlando, Senior Campaign Management at RMG Mall Media

Our Solution

RMG found a solution with Trumpia, which provided them the ability to utilize and manage multiple keywords at the same time. Fill out the form to view the full case study!