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Case Study:

Sonoma State University

Sonoma State University uses SMS to ensure important messages like academic deadlines are read by students.

A member of the California State University system, Sonoma State University (SSU) is a public university that offers over 45 majors and minors at the bachelor's level.

The Challenge

Advisors at Sonoma State University send emails for department news, course offerings, etc. Unfortunately, many of their students said they receive too many emails from too many different departments. Advisors would also plaster flyers around campus and wait for students to come into the office, but these methods are known to be unreliable. So, the advisors needed a new way to ensure students were receiving important messages.

"I've received nothing but positive feedback from the students, and I plan to share this tool with other institutions so they can also better reach their current students."

Vanessa Bascherini, M.S., Academic Advisor at Sonoma State University

Our Solution

Using Trumpia's integrated platform, SSU is able to engage their students and instantly communicate with them at any time or place via mobile texting, email, and voice broadcasting. Fill out the form to view the full case study!