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Case Study:

The Teen Project

The Teen Project connects homeless and abused children with over 17,000 shelters through keywords.

The Teen Project is a volunteer centric organization that is dedicated to providing teens aging out of the foster care system with all of the resources and support of an intact family. The Teen project strives to allow the greatest opportunity for a successful transition to adulthood.

The Challenge

Realizing that there had been a great disconnect, The Teen Project aimed to find a way to enable homeless and at-risk teens to access vital services. After doing some research, they realized that even though they might be homeless, most teens have a cell phone. Competitive analysis further revealed that while there were some texting services out there for homeless youth, none were able to address their needs on a nationwide level.

"Most kids that are living on the street do not know where to turn to find the help they need – but they still have a cell phone."

Lauri Burns, founder of The Teen Project

Our Solution

The Teen Project created a sophisticated programming algorithm to automatically identify shelters, foster homes and services for homeless and abused teens across America. Fill out the form to view the full case study!