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Compliance Regulations

Because of the potency of text messaging, the government and wireless carriers have regulations in place including the TCPA and CTIA that dictate who you can send messages to, when, and with what content.

  • Who Can You Send Messages To?

    Government regulations mandate that all numbers you text must be collected with the contacts’ expressed consent. This means you cannot purchase, borrow or randomly collect phone numbers. So, if you have a list of contacts you wish to import into our system, a one-time Import Certification will need to be completed. Please click the link to fill out and submit the Import Certification.

  • When Can You Send Messages?

    For most use cases, federal regulations prohibit the sending of marketing related text messages before 8AM and after 9PM. They do make exceptions however for special cases. If you need to send text messages between 9PM and 8AM, email us at support@trumpia.com

  • What Content Can You Send?

    The Cellular Telephone Industries Association(CTIA) requires disclosure of content type, messaging frequency, and a “message and data rates may apply” disclaimer. It also prohibits the following types of message content.

    • Profanity
    • Obscenity / Adult Content
    • Violence / Hate
    • Weapons
    • Drugs / Alcoho
    • Gambling
    In addition, certain message content requires a dedicated short code.