Feature Tutorials

Learn more about Trumpia's powerful features

Thanks for visiting! You'll find everything you need to get familiar with our complete mobile software. Get started with the Core Feature videos, which come with downloadable guides. When you're ready, dive a little deeper with videos on the rest of our Other Features. Or, sign up for a webinar anytime!
  • Keyword Sign-up

    You won't miss a beat with Mobile Keywords. People can sign up to receive messages and share their contact information with you at any time, from anywhere. Check out the video and guide to learn more!

  • Online Sign-up

    Ever fill out an online form before? Now you can create one for your business or organization so contact information will automatically be added to your database. Check out our video or guide to learn more!

  • Distribution List

    Understanding how Distribution Lists work will help you utilize our messaging software to its fullest. Check out the video or guide to learn how to get started!

  • Send Messages

    Learn how easy it is to send a message via any mode of communication (SMS and email). Check out the video or guide for the step-by-step details!

*Some features shown in these videos may no longer be available. However, they still give a great representation of our capabilities and UI.