The Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing

CHAPTER 07 SMS Marketing Case Studies

Now we want to cover how some real Trumpia customers have used SMS marketing to make a big splash with their audience.

Jamba Juice of Bakersfield used SMS marketing to increase their store’s traffic by 10%.

“Trumpia’s SMS marketing provides us with the most direct, immediate and affordable way to connect with local residents and quickly build a loyal following. The return on investment we’ve enjoyed since we began using Trumpia’s platform has been tremendous.” - Brett Thomas, Owner of Jamba Juice Bakersfield

University of Wisconsin HELP System used SMS marketing to reach their students and increase applications across all 26 campuses.

“We couldn't be happier with the way Trumpia helped us engage students throughout the application process. Being able to automatically send individualized reminders to students, instead of a generic mass one, has been a real plus for us. This has enabled us to help thousands of students get the registration and scholarship information they need on time.” - Randy Parvin, Senior Student Services Coordinator, UW HELP

Mariners Church use SMS marketing to keep more members in the loop about church functions and activities.

"With Trumpia's text messaging software, you can reach who you need to reach instantly, no matter where they are." - Blair Farley, Director of Communications at Mariners Church

Jump-A-Roos beat their record for attendance by 83% when they used text marketing to increase their admissions.

"With Trumpia's text marketing solution, there is a way to track campaigns and see how traffic is being driven to the store, which is very important to us. We've been happy with the success so far and are looking forward to new ideas and promotional campaigns we can run with this software." - Greg Fefferman, Owner, Jump A Roos

Jack's Surfboards got a wave of customers to a special event that resulted in $6,000 in sales within just 5 hours.

“It’s especially powerful to be able to run last minute promotions, using the immediate delivery of mobile text, and still achieve phenomenal results.” - Nicole Stratton, Marketing Coordinator

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