The Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing

CHAPTER 03 How Different Industries Use SMS Marketing

The first part of this guide went over what text marketing was. In this section we want to cover how different types of businesses and organizations have used text marketing to further their goals. This is not an exhaustive list (this is!) but it will help new businesses understand how SMS marketing can help them meet their goals.

Retail - Get Customers In For Sales

Because 98% of texts get read, it is the most effective way to promote your upcoming sales and increase in-store traffic.

  • Build your subscriber database with mobile keywords that customers can text to receive deal alerts and coupons.
  • Make new product announcements to your customers.
  • Send more information about items to your customers in order to drive interest to your online or in-store offerings.

Marketing - Boost Engagement & Revenue

With a 98% read rate vs email’s 22%, text messaging is the perfect tool to increase customer interest and maximize your ROI.

  • Run text-to-win promotions to build your subscriber database and increase your audience.
  • Increase in-store traffic and revenue with mobile coupons and promotions.
  • Sort customers into separate lists to send only relevant messages, which will get you better results.

Churches - Grow Your Congregation

Texting allows for a more convenient way for new members to learn about and join your church.

  • When a new member texts your keyword, you can forward them a link to your church's website to learn more or to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Set up a text-to-donate keyword to give congregants an easy way to contribute.
  • Invite new members to participate in ministries and send event reminders automatically.

Universities - Reach Prospective Students

Texting helps you better reach prospective students to better market your university to them and increase your attendance.

  • Sort prospective students by their majors and interests, so they only get relevant messages.
  • Send MMS pictures and videos of your campus to entice prospective students to visit.
  • Send automated reminders for approaching application and financial aid deadlines.

Car Dealerships - Sell More Cars

Getting the message out about new models or an upcoming sale can be a tall order. Luckily, texting allows you to better reach your customers through:

  • Send promotions about upcoming holiday sales or new models coming into stock.
  • Send text promotions when you are having a sale as well as MMS picture messages of your new cars to entice customers.
  • Send automated reminders to interested customers when a model they are interested in is on sale or available for test drive.

Hotels - Boost Revenue Year Round

Mass texting is the ideal solution for hotels and the hospitality industry to have their messages seen and keep their reservations booked year round.

  • Increase reservations and sales during the off-season by sending text promotions like discounts or spa packages
  • Promote your mobile app by sending them a text link to download. With a nearly 6x higher click-through rate than email, you’ll see a strong boost in app downloads.
  • Sending offers based off of the guest’s location or price range.

Political Campaigns - Rally Your Supporters

Maximize engagement and donations, as texts have a better response rate than phone or email outreach.

  • Increase sign ups for campaign alerts through mobile keywords and online forms.
  • Automatically send event reminders to make sure you have a great turnout for your rallies and events.
  • Text supporters a link to your giving page to help you crowdfund for your cause.

Recruiting - Increase the Number of Candidates

For the same reasons you prefer texting with your friends over calling them, SMS is the most effective communication channel for recruiting.

  • Market your business to recruits and send new job openings to interested candidates.
  • Cut down on no-shows for job fairs and interviews with automated reminders.
  • Easily collect more candidates by having them simply text your keyword or filling out your OSP on your website.

Real Estate - Market Your Listings

Texting is a simple and cost effective way to advertise your openings and quickly find interested buyers.

  • Advertise your mobile keyword at every property to capture more interested buyers, and give them an easy way to learn more about your property.
  • Advertise more effectively by sending property listings that match what the potential buyer is looking for.
  • Send interested buyers updates or MMS pictures of your properties. You can also quickly answer their questions with landline texting.

Restaurants - Send Promotions to Customers

98% of text messages are read, making it the most effective way to reach your patrons.

  • Send text promotions and reservation reminders, making sure your tables stay full year round.
  • Send mobile coupons to attract the 77% that are more likely to go to a restaurant during off-peak times if they received a discount.
  • Announce upcoming specials through texting or picture messaging. Send MMS pictures of your menu items to entice customers.