The Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing

CHAPTER 08 The Trumpia SMS Marketing Advantage

Automation Set your campaigns on autopilot, saving valuable time and effort. Trumpia automatically carries out tasks for you, dynamically interacting with subscribers based on their behavior and profile.

  • Trumpia’s mobile keywords go beyond simply getting you a contact's name, because our Data Capture allows you to collect more information from your contacts by asking them questions and recording their answers so you can better target them.
  • Trumpia’s Auto Campaigns carry out messaging campaigns for you without the need to code or manage the system on a day to day basis. After you set it and forget it, our software will take care of the rest, saving you valuable time and completing complex tasks that would be impossible to do manually.
  • Trumpia’s intelligent Text Bot is a powerful use of our Auto Campaigns feature that dynamically interacts with your subscribers based on how they respond to your messages. This means it can automatically answer common questions or send customers to the correct information without tying up your employees on the phone.

Smart Targeting Trumpia’s Smart Targeting sorts contacts into separate distribution groups based on criteria you collect, from customer characteristics and specific interests to their behavior.

  • Unlike traditional SMS marketing services that can only send a mass of untargeted messages, Trumpia’s Smart Targeting gets you results by maintaining your customer satisfaction and making sure they don't feel spammed.
  • Our Dynamic Targets keep your filtered distribution lists organized in real time, automatically updating whenever a new subscriber is added, a contact unsubscribes, or an existing profile gets updated.

Lifecycle Engagement Trumpia prides ourselves on something none of our competitors can match – Lifecycle Engagement. This means our platform is more than just a toolbox, it works for you to automatically engage your subscribers every time they interact with our system.

  • From initial sign-up, through nurturing, conversion, and the feedback loop, our system can engage subscribers based on their prior behavior and collected data.
  • By providing automated, intelligent service, customers are more likely to become advocates for your business.

Omnichannel Messaging Trumpia isn't just for SMS, we provide a variety of marketing channels so you can ensure you reach 100% of your audience.

  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages enable you to send vivid pictures and videos, immediately grabbing your audience's attention.
  • Our email comes with many of the same advanced capabilities that SMS does, like templates, targeting, message scheduling, and even automation.
  • Voice messaging is still very common. Our system lets you broadcast a recorded message to your subscribers.

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