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Texting Software for
Sports Teams and Coaches

Any good sports coach knows the importance of having good communication with their team. An effective communication strategy is essential for helping coaches and teams stay organized and up to date. Trumpia makes it easy for everyone to stay on the same page with our text messaging software for team sports. Our group text message service lets parents and sports coaches significantly cut down the amount of time they spend coordinating administrative duties so they can focus more on the team, the sport, and the players.

SMS Use Cases for Sports Teams

Two athletes watching a big play on their phone

Mass Texts for Sports Teams

Why send multiple messages when you can reach your entire team at once? With Trumpia, you can even segment recipients into separate groups, such as players, volunteers or parents. Inform everyone about important changes or let parents/guardians know about a change in practice time.

Image of an athlete texting

Schedule Game Alerts with SMS

Don't worry about players ever being late or forgetting another game ever again. SMS messages are quick and effective ways to keep players and parents up to date about time or location changes. Players who tend to ignore texts might do well with automated reminders.

Image of a man purchasing something on a phone

Collect Membership Dues
for Team Sports with Text Invoices

It can be uncomfortable to ask players and parents to pay membership dues, but it is necessary. Avoid awkward conversations by simply creating a payment link using your preferred platform (e.g., PayPal or Venmo) and send it in a matter of seconds via an SMS message. Trumpia even allows you to track which players have or have not clicked on a link so you can automatically send a reminder after a few days.

A sports team celebrates one of their players making a great play

Share Media on SMS

Share photos and video footage of a game-winning touchdown or goal with the whole team via text. Our texting software allows sports coaches to efficiently share media with everybody in the sports team's address book, or limit it to select people.

Image of two people having a conversation

Collect Data and Fill Out
Forms with SMS

Paper forms can be a nightmare when it comes to collecting names, addresses, dates of birth, and medical information. SMS text integration for sports teams simplifies the process of getting the entire team's info and ensures that it stays secure.

Trumpia's sports team communication solutions let coaches automate messages based on triggered responses, target texts to specific groups, and more effectively manage overall communication. Teams work better together when they have a solid game plan in place. Make yours work for you by teaming up with Trumpia today. Contact us now to find out more.