Text Alert System

Alert Your Community Faster With Texting

What is a Text Alert System?

Text alert systems are programs that allow you to send text messages to subscribers in order to alert them to an event. This is especially effective because text messages are opened more frequently than email or voice notifications.

With Trumpia, businesses can send use our system to send highly targeted and relevant text notifications to their entire audience, all automatically. This lets you minimize opt outs and increase subscriber satisfaction, leading to higher customer loyalty and ROI.

Why You Need a Text Alert System

Organizations who take advantage of texting their have the benefit of reaching their customers while on the go and being able to notify them of sales or other events instantly.

Here are some statistics on why text alert systems are so effective:

  • Messages Are Seen98% of text messages are read, compared to just 22% of emails.
  • Texts Are Instant90% of texts are read within3 minutes This makes it the most effective way to alert your subscribers.
  • Messages Are EffectiveText messages are responded to 7.5x more often and 60x quicker than email.
  • Texting Is Popular Now89% of consumers say they want to text message to communicate with a business, but less than half of businesses are equipped to do this
  • Texting Reaches People Anywhere, Any Time

    Critical situations and weather events happen any time, day or night. During any type of disaster, critical situation or extreme weather event, it's critical to have an SMS notification system to reach people in any location. The average person keeps their cell phone on or near them 24/7. This is one of the main reasons texting work—they reach people anywhere, any time. When an event like a tornado hits, a text alert system can be used to locate contacts and initiate safety protocols and to connect with every member of your organization to make sure everyone is safe.

  • Maximize Reach

    When a weather event or other emergency happens, text alert systems provide a fast way to ensure important messages are heard. Emergency text alerts catch your attention, providing critical information to be spread during natural disasters, extreme weather, outages, school and business closures, neighborhood evacuations and more.

  • Get Immediate Attention

    The speed of an emergency text alert has the power to save lives, especially when warning people about incoming tornadoes, wildfires and other extreme weather. An unexpected shift in the weather and a tornado's en route for your neighborhood. Text alerts also eliminate the need to scramble for the television remote or tune into local radio when bad weather hits.

  • Reach People Anywhere, Any Time

    Emergency situations and weather events happen any time, day or night. During any type of disaster, crisis situation or extreme weather event, it's critical to have an alert system to reach people in any location. The average person keeps their cell phone on or near them 24/7. This is one of the main reasons text alert systems work—they reach people anywhere, any time. When a tornado hits, a text alert system like Trumpia can help you to locate contacts and initiate safety protocols.

  • Reach Your Entire Audience

    During any disaster or emergency, mass notifications and text messaging are a match made in heaven as they allow you to quickly reach your whole audience to ensure the message is heard. Send a text message alert to every member of a college campus as well as parents that sign up for the alert when a crisis situation occurs. This can be the quickest way to keep students safe during a lock-down because everyone can be reached at once.

Use Cases

As one of the leading providers of SMS communications, Trumpia is trusted by schools, major universities and Fortune 500 companies across the nation to provide text message alerts during any crisis situation. Text alert systems are the fastest way to reach any audience, and here are some ways that Trumpia customers have accomplished their messaging objectives.

  • Retail: Alert Customers to Sales

    98% of SMS messages are opened, making it the most effective way to get customers to see your great sales.

    • Send an SMS alert to announce new offerings or store openings.
    • Use an alert system to instantly announce a new sale or to drive traffic during a slow period.
  • Schools and Universities

    Text alert systems are critical for keeping students, staff, and parents aware in case of a critical situation.

    • Send alerts in case campus needs to close due to weather or a critical event.
    • Text alert systems are perfect for reminding students of deadlines like FAFSA applications or registration reminders.
  • Churches: Engage Your Congregation

    A text alert system is the best way to keep your congregation engaged and to alert them to any changes like closures due to weather.

    • Send quick SMS notifications about changes to service times or closure due to inclement weather.
    • Text alert systems can help alert members to your new programs or remind congregants of upcoming events.
  • Hotels: Provide Better Service

    SMS alert systems are perfect for alerting guests about promotions or getting the word out quickly during a critical situation.

    • Send SMS notifications to remind guests about their check in times or have your concierge remind guests of other activities.
    • SMS notifications allow you to alert conference goers to changes in schedule or help evacuate in the case of an emergency.
  • Medical Offices

    A text alert system lets you reach your patients for routine appointment reminders or lets you send a message when a public health crisis may be happening.

    • Send a text alert to remind patients when a critical thing like a flu shot is needed.
    • Use a text alert system to remind patients of upcoming appointments automatically, freeing up staff.

The Trumpia Advantage Trumpia’s text alert system goes beyond the mass messaging other providers have by allowing you to target and automate your alerts so you reach your audience in the most effective way.

  • Powerful Automation

    Trumpia can run your campaigns for you. This will save time and effort, and it can help you reach your audience when time is of the essence and provide better service regardless of the industry you are in.

    Trumpia’s Auto Campaigns can carry out complex text notification campaigns without any additional programming needed. You just set our system up to send SMS notifications whenever a trigger you set is met.

  • Smart Targeting

    Trumpia’s Smart Targeting lets you sort your contacts based on what you’ve collected about them, letting you segment and target in the most advanced and efficient way available. This lets you send targeted text alerts, leading to better communication inside and outside of your organization.

    Unlike some of the competition who can send alerts but only indiscriminately, Trumpia’s Smart Targeting gets you results by maintaining your customer’s satisfaction by not sending them spam messages and only sending personalized messages.

  • Omni-Channel Messaging

    Trumpia’s platform can also send notifications via voice, email, and social media.

    Quickly send text messages as well as social media alerts to make sure the widest audience possible sees your messages.

  • API

    Trumpia is well known for their messaging API that allows customers to send text alerts based on triggers in customer’s software.

    Customers choose our API because of our unmatched support, powerful prebuilt tools, and the ability to send alerts across a variety of other messaging channels.