Text to Win

Increase Your Subscriber List with
SMS Sweepstakes

Businesses are always looking for the next big thing when it comes to reaching new customers. That’s why more and more are turning to SMS in order to grow their audience. SMS sweepstakes (also known as text to win campaigns) allows businesses to run contests where contacts text in keywords in order to enter to win a prize. It’s truly a win-win situation as customers love opting in to receive prizes and it allows businesses to engage with their customers, building stronger relationships and letting you build a more effective messaging campaign.

Why SMS Sweepstakes Make Sense for Businesses

SMS allow businesses to sign customers up for their extended messaging campaigns in order to promote products or provide customer service. Over a third of consumers have opted themselves in to receive text messages from SMS enabled businesses, including text to win campaigns. And that number is only growing.

It has been proven that over 60 percent of those that sign up have redeemed an offer they have received from a mobile marketing service. Since your customers will appreciate getting free things from your SMS sweepstakes, your new customer base will be better positioned to be loyal customers.

Here are some statistics showing why text to win can be so effective for engaging your audience:

  • 98% of text messages are read, compared to just 22% of emails.
  • 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes.
  • Text messages are responded to 7.5x more often and 60x quicker than email.
  • 89% of consumers say they want to text message to communicate with a business, but only 48% of businesses have an SMS service that can do this.
  • Over 60% of consumers would rather text than call when given the option for customer service.


Because of the nature of running SMS and text to win campaigns, there are some restrictions. There are two types of numbers you can run these campaigns on:

Dedicated Short Code

These short codes are only used by a single organization. This opens them up to a wider variety of campaigns including text to win, SMS sweepstakes, and text-to-donate programs. You also get to choose any keyword, rather than worrying about whether or not someone else has already claimed it.

Toll Free

Toll-free numbers are a great number option because they give you the power and flexibility of dedicated short codes, but at a fraction of the cost. For most customers running campaigns we advise them to do it on a toll free number.

Sample Text to Win Use Cases In this section we want to cover how different types of businesses and organizations can use SMS to engage with their customers. This will help businesses and organizations understand how Text to Win campaigns can help them reach their objectives faster and more effectively.

  • RetailGet The Word Out

    SMS messages get read, text to win campaigns are the best way to get an audience so you can announce upcoming deals.

    • Use SMS to gather more leads and send them offers personalized to their interests.
    • Create an auto response to be sent when a contact opts in to your campaign to give them a coupon to entice them to your stores.
  • ChurchEngage Your Congregation

    Keep your congregation engaged by running SMS to encourage member signups.

    • Run a text-to-win campaign to engage your congregants. It doesn't have to be for much, a few extra tickets for your raffle events can be enough!
    • Encourage new members to sign up to your subscriber list and then engage them by learning more about them with follow up questions.
  • HotelsBoost Revenue Year Round

    Run a text to win campaigns and offer free hotel stays or other perks in order to generate repeat customers.

    • Run SMS sweepstakes with prizes like spa treatments or restaurant reservations.
    • Campaigns allow you to signup current guests and give them a reason to book a return trip if you offer a free night or discounted rate.
  • RestaurantsSend Promotions to Customers

    SMS allow you to generate interest from customers and lets you send them a mobile offer instantly after signup.

    • Send promotions to customers and allow them to redeem their offers in store or online.
    • Based on what SMS subscriber list the customer signs up for, you can target your messages so they are more likely to redeem them.

The Trumpia Advantage

  • Powerful Automation

    Trumpia’s SMS service is unique because of our industry leading automation that enables our users to carry out their SMS and messaging campaigns automatically.

    • Our Auto Campaigns carry out your campaigns for you without the need to know how to code or manually select winners.
    • Our SMS services has an intelligent Text Bot can dynamically interact with your subscribers after they opt in to your campaigns. Then based on their behavior our bot can answer their questions and forward them to an appropriate deal based on their interaction.
  • Lifecycle Engagement

    Trumpia has something no other SMS provider can do - Lifecycle Engagement. This means that our SMS service can engage subscribers automatically throughout their lifecycle with your organization, leading to higher repeat business and satisfaction.

    • From the text to win signup to customer followup and feedback, our SMS sweepstakes service can engage your subscribers throughout their lifecycle with your organization.
    • Subscribers will become advocates for your organization because of our automated and intelligent SMS service.
  • Smart Targeting

    Trumpia’s Smart Targeting allows you to sort contacts into different subgroups based on the campaign they opted into, as well as other criteria. Trumpia is the only texting service that can guarantee that your messages will reach the right audience and decrease opt outs.

    • Some SMS services offer text to win campaigns and their only followup is to blast a large volume of messages with no targeting. Trumpia’s Smart Targeting is specifically targeted to every subscriber, meaning you can boost customer satisfaction while not spamming them.
    • We keep your distribution lists maintained for you, so new text to win entrants are added to your lists instantly and whenever a subscriber updates their information it will sync in our database immediately.