SMS Coupons for Government Agencies

The Communication Channel With A Proven 98% Open Rate

Why Use SMS Coupons for Government Agencies

Government agencies can use features like SMS Coupons to communicate with the public and send public safety alerts quickly.

There is nothing that a customer likes more than a great deal, and the power of texting allows you to deliver these great offers directly to their phones. Industries and departments like Government Agencies can use SMS coupons to grow their revenue and expand their customer base. The best thing is that coupons can be sent automatically, so you can build more business without having to waste your marketing department's time sending coupons out manually, or spending thousands of dollars printing paper coupons. If you choose an SMS marketing provider like Trumpia, your coupons can do even more. We can track when a coupon is about to expire and send a follow-up message to your customers automatically, ensuring more of your coupons get redeemed and you get more business. In addition, we can target coupons based on what you know about your customers, so golf fans can get one offer while soccer fans can get a different one.

Overview of SMS Coupons for Government Agencies

Features like SMS Coupons allow Government Agencies to connect with the public and distribute information about things like elections or new policy updates.

So how can businesses or departments like Government Agencies start using SMS Coupons? First, you need to decide on a texting service like Trumpia. While many SMS services can create SMS coupons, many have very limited use cases. Trumpia’s SMS coupons can be created automatically, and we can boost redemption rates with text message reminders. SMS coupons are very convenient because they don't need point of sale integration, your cashiers can easily redeem coupons from any web based browser. In addition to SMS coupons, Trumpia can send email coupons as well, so you can reach different customers based on the messaging channel that they use the most. And one of the biggest benefits of SMS coupons is that customers won't forget them when they are in the store, as they will have their phone with them, unlike paper coupons which can be left at home or easily lost at home or in their car.