Automated Lifecycle Engagement

Trumpia offers something that no competitor can match – Lifecycle Engagement. This means rather than just a random collection of disjointed tools, our platform works to automatically engage your subscribers throughout every interaction they have with your company, from initial sign-up, through nurturing, to conversion, and ultimately the feedback loop.

Lifecycle Engagement Example
  1. 01
    Collect contacts using mobile keywords and online sign-up tools, importing them seamlessly, or synchronizing via API with your existing system.
  2. 02
    Gather information by automatically capturing their responses to your questions and tracking their behavior (e.g.: link clicks).
  3. 03
    Our Smart Targeting tool automatically filters your database based on subscriber interests and behavior, so you send only relevant alerts, reminders, or offers.
  4. 04
    Nurture contacts via SMS, email, social media, and voice broadcasts.
  5. 05
    Answer questions via two-way texting using your business’ existing number.
  6. 06
    Automatically engage contacts with our intelligent Text Bot, which dynamically interacts with subscribers based on how they respond to your messages.
  7. 07
    Set access rights to contacts and features in our system for each employee to make sure your subscriber data is secure.
  8. 08
    Send text surveys to gather feedback much more effectively than email. Our branching surveys allow you to ask more precise questions.