Core Features

Collect Contacts

Our contact tools do more than simply capture someone’s phone number. Our business texting service can automatically collect more actionable information from your mass text messaging campaign as they engage with us over time, so you can accurately target every message.

  • text Keywords Mobile Keywords

    This is a short word or phrase that your subscribers can text to opt-in for your messages. When they do, their phone number is automatically captured and stored in your database. While this is all other mobile keywords can do, Trumpia’s work as the foundation for our advanced texting software features.

  • Online Sign-up Pages Online Sign-up Pages

    Let contacts opt in to your messaging program by filling out an online form. You can even collect more information about them with custom fields, letting you target your messages with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Import Contacts Import Contacts

    If you already have unique subscriber contact information and data that you would like to target based off of, Trumpia makes it easy to add all of that valuable information into our system so you can use it with our texting software features.

  • Data Capture Data Capture

    Text questions to your subscribers to learn more about them, and automatically capture their responses into your database, so you can send more relevant messages to each subscriber automatically.

  • QR Codes QR Codes

    QR codes are unique barcodes that offer a fun and easy way for subscribers to opt in. Whenever someone scans it with their phone, they can automatically be redirected to a webpage or sent an auto response to their native SMS application.

  • Shuffle Responder Shuffle Responder

    Shuffle Responder sends subscribers a randomly selected message from a pool of pre-written content whenever they text in your keyword. This is great for “Quote of the Day” type campaigns.

Send Message

Any business texting service can send a message. But the key is sending valuable mass text messages that your subscribers will actually open.

  • Mass Texting Mass Texting

    Send text messages to hundreds of subscribers in the blink of an eye. Our intuitive user interface makes the process simple, letting you personalize your messages and target them for each recipient, so you send to the right hundred.

  • Two-Way / 1-to-1 Texting Two-Way / 1-to-1 Texting

    Communication is a 2-way street. With Trumpia, you can both send and receive SMS, MMS, and email messages. All messages are threaded so you have a history of each conversation, and carry out multiple conversations at the same time.

  • Import Contacts Send from Phone

    You won’t always have the time or ability to get to your computer to send a message. With Trumpia, you can send messages to your contact lists directly from your mobile phone.

  • Landline Texting Landline Texting

    With this texting software feature, you can use your business’s existing landline or toll-free number to send and receive text messages. Now, you can carry out multiple conversations at the same time without having to put contacts on hold or use your personal number for business. It’s also great for your contacts because they can choose to text or call the same number to reach you.


    A picture’s worth a thousand words. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages enable you to send captivating pictures or videos in your mobile messages.


    Integrate Trumpia’s capabilities into your existing systems via our API for things like automated triggers and contact synchronization. If you don’t have an in-house programmer or simply don’t want to devote the resources to develop yourself, you can also hire our custom development team to do even more for you like customized reports.

Engage Customers

Our business texting service helps you create fun and interactive campaigns to give your contacts new ways to engage with you.

  • Auto Response Auto Response

    Send an automated message to your subscribers when they text your mobile keyword or fill out an online signup form. You can offer incentives, reply with images, ask additional questions, and much more!

  • Appointment Reminders Appointment Reminders

    Have our business texting service automatically send messages at the right date and time. With Trumpia, you can even choose to have the message automatically sent to only your subscribers who meet one or more criteria at the same time.

  • SMS Coupons SMS Coupons

    Use this feature to send mobile coupons to your customers that’ll get redeemed 10x more often than traditional paper ones. With Trumpia, you can even target coupons based on the customers’ interests, set a reminder to be sent when the coupon is about to expire, and set it so a coupon can only be redeemed once per customer.

  • SMS Surveys SMS Surveys

    SMS surveys, also known as Text-to-Vote, allows you to create surveys with multiple questions that both subscribers and non-subscribers can engage with via text message. You can then segment your lists by the info that you’ve collected and retarget your subscribers in future text messages.

  • Yes/No Response Yes/No Response

    Sometimes all we really need is a simple answer. With Trumpia’s Yes/No Response feature, you can gain immediate feedback by asking your audience to respond to a question with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

  • Text-to-Screen Text-to-Screen

    Make your audience feel like they’re a real part of your event. Text-to-Screen is a fun texting software feature that lets contacts text a special mobile keyword to have their message shared on a large-screen display.

  • link Shortener Link Shortener

    Shorten the links you send in your texts or emails to save space/characters. Ours are designed to be compliant so your messages won’t get flagged as spam.

Analyze & Manage

Accurate metrics are essential to business texting services, allowing you to see what worked and what didn’t. Trumpia’s texting software features include analytics, making sure you get the best ROI out of your mass text messaging campaigns.

  • Report Manager Report Manager

    Get comprehensive analytics and reports on how your text messaging campaigns are performing including the total num

  • Remove & Block Contacts Remove & Block Contacts

    Automatically remove contacts when they text “STOP”, click an unsubscribe link at the bottom of an email, or call to unsubscribe. We also provide the option for you to manually remove contacts.

  • International & Landline Number Clean-up International & Landline Number Clean-up

    International numbers cost more to send messages to, and landlines or VOIP numbers cannot receive text messages. This feature scans your database and removes these numbers to save you from additional and wasted costs.