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Text Message Autoresponder

Auto Responses automatically sends a response to contacts that opt-in to your mobile keywords. But Trumpia goes beyond simple SMS auto responses by offering dynamic and automated features that do more than just send a static message. Our smart system can fork different ways based on how your customers respond so you can offer highly personalized

How Our Text Message Autoresponder Works

  • 01 Create a message that gets sent to every person who texts a chosen text keyword.
  • 02 Different text keywords can have different corresponding auto-responses and a smart system like Trumpia can branch based on different information you know about your subscribers.
  • 03 When a subscriber texts in your mobile keyword, our system will then send them the message. It can include things like thanks for signing up, or a link to your webpage.
  • 04 You can even have an SMS auto-response set up with a mobile coupon so that contacts are more likely to visit your business or redeem your offers online.
  • 05 Instead of ending the engagement there, however, with just a simple response, you can then take the next step of asking qualifying questions or initiating an Automated Workflow.

The Trumpia Advantage

  • Data Capture Gather much more information from your subscribers than just their mobile numbers by having an SMS auto-response ask questions and automatically capture their responses into your database. This reduces the need for manual data entry and automates marketing processes, saving both time and money.
  • Automated Workflows Automated Workflows interact with subscribers for you, automatically branching down different messaging paths based on how they respond. This allows you to answer common questions or direct customers to the right information or webpage.
  • Smart Targeting Trumpia’s exclusive Smart Targeting allows you to run smarter marketing campaigns automatically. Based on what you know about your subscribers our system can send different messages in order to meet their needs and boost your business, all automatically.
  • Two-way Texting Not all messaging needs to be automated, some require a human touch. With Trumpia you can carry out two-way text conversations from one inbox, allowing you to help multiple customers at once and saving you from being stuck on the phone answering questions.

Auto Responder FAQs

How fast are auto-responder messages?

Seriously fast. Auto responses typically take a few seconds to respond, making them perfect for things like sending coupons to interested customers or answering frequently asked questions for you with no manual intervention required.

Do auto-responders need to be programmed?

Yes, and it is a very simple process. You can dictate what an auto-responder will say to your subscribers by adding different responses (with different links) based on how you think customers will respond. You can easily update your auto-responders if you see new questions or common requests from customers.

How much do auto-responder messages cost?

Because text messaging is such a low-cost messaging channel, auto-responder messages cost a fraction of a cent per message. But not all autoresponders are the same. Trumpia’s auto-responder for instance is far more advanced than the competition, allowing you to carry out fully automated conversations with subscribers and build better relationships with them.