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Unlimited Text Keywords

What Are Text Keywords?

Text keywords (also known as mobile keywords) are words or short phrases that allow subscribers to easily opt themselves in to receive important messages and offers. This is perfect for businesses because there are no forms they need to fill out, no app they need to download, and no web address they need to write down. While other mobile keywords can only collect phone numbers or send a simple auto-response, Trumpia's text keywords are a powerful gateway to advanced features, enabling you to capture data and engage your contacts automatically. Plus we offer unlimited text keywords, unlike our competitors who charge per keyword.

How It Works

Text keywords take the hard work out of building a subscriber list. By having a contact text in a word to an organization's designated phone number, they are opting themselves into receiving messages from that company or organization.

  • 01 Choose your text keyword and register it in our system.
  • 02 Display your keyword in your store, collateral, and advertisements.
  • 03 Whenever someone texts your keyword to your number, their phone number will automatically be captured in our system.
  • 04 Have a response automatically sent to people who opt in via an Auto Response.

How Do I Set Up a SMS Keyword in Trumpia?

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