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Data Capture

Targeting can only be as accurate as the data you collect. Trumpia's SMS data Capture feature uniquely lets you gather much more information from your subscribers than just their mobile numbers by asking questions and automatically capturing their responses.

How It Works

  • 01 Create a text keyword.
  • 02 Choose the type of contact data you want to collect (e.g.: name, region, interests, etc…).
  • 03 Customer receives message(s) prompting them to reply with information about themselves.
  • 04 Customer responds to the texts, and their data automatically gets captured and stored in your contact database.
  • 05 Leverage the newly captured information to better target your campaigns.


  • Target your messages by filtering targets based on any combination of the information you collect.
  • Customer responses are automatically stored to complete your data records. No manual data entry required.
  • Data Capture eliminates the need for multiple methods to collect contact info. You can do it all with a text keyword!