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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is a term commonly used to describe a mass communication technique via texting that can power both marketing and non-marketing use cases. As the name suggests, it is commonly used to send promotional messages about products and services, special offers, or invitations to events. However, text messaging is not limited to marketing promotions. Many people use the same technology to communicate with employees, partners, and members, including churches and non-profit organizations.

  • Why SMS

    A marketer sending an SMS blast

    This is by far the most cost effective way for businesses or nonprofits to reach their customers and build an audience, leading to higher revenue and subscriber loyalty. That's because SMS messages have a 98% read rate, five times higher than email. Email may be cheaper to send per-message basis but not many people will really open it or read it.

  • Why Trumpia

    Two people having a text conversation

    Trumpia is the leading SMS marketing software on the market. Instead of a collection of disjointed features and manual chores, Trumpia has a fully automated suite that allows you to carry out complicated tasks with automated workflows and do things that would be impossible without automation. But don't take our word for it, read why Forbes has named Trumpia the top SMS marketing software here!

Use Cases For SMS Marketing

  • Boost Sales

    Boost Sales

    Businesses can send exclusive coupons, discount codes, or limited-time offers via SMS to their subscribers. This can encourage customers to make a purchase or visit an online or brick-and-mortar store.

  • Automated messages allow you to reschedule missed appointments

    Alerts & Reminders

    SMS messages can be sent to remind customers about upcoming events, appointments, sales, new arrivals, or expiring offers. It can also be used to send invitations to exclusive events for loyal customers.

  • Internal Use Cases

    While SMS messaging is very effective for marketing, it also has a variety of internal use cases, like sending employees reminders, benefits and HR information, schedules, and critical alerts.

  • Text messages can include a mobile coupon.

    Event and Promotions

    SMS software can be extremely effective for sending reminders for upcoming events like sales. You can also send promotional messages to different segments of your subscribers in order to drive more in-store and online traffic.

  • Image of Two-factor authentication protecting login information

    Customer Surveys and Feedback

    SMS can be an effective way to gather customer feedback or conduct surveys. You get more responses than email surveys, and it's far faster. Short surveys can be sent via text messages, allowing customers to provide their opinions and insights while on the go and quickly.

  • SMS messages are great for alerting people during critical events

    Critical Alerts

    There is nothing faster than an SMS update when a critical situation like a natural disaster or safety incident occurs. FEMA, for example, uses Trumpia for disaster communication throughout the year.

What Makes Trumpia's SMS Marketing Software an Industry Leader

Automated texting can handle customer interactions for you

Collect More Information & Target Messages

If you're sending irrelevant messages, you risk customers opting out and missing out on important promotions and sales alerts. Trumpia's intelligent software offers tools to help you collect customer information (Data Capture) automatically and use it to target promotions (Smart Targeting). This can lead to a dramatic rise in revenue while also preventing opt-outs because customers are only seeing messages that are relevant to them.

Automate Your Communications

As your organization grows, you likely have less and less time to manually carry out campaigns yourself. Trumpia's Automated Workflows takes this off your plate by running campaigns for you, like sending reminders to redeem a coupon a week before they expire to only those who haven't redeemed it yet. Our workflow builder (Workbench) allows you to build workflows in minutes, or you can use one of our proven pre-built workflows and quickly customize to meet your needs. The possibilities are endless with automation.

Automated workflows can carry out marketing campaigns automatically
Customize Your Own Workflows

Customize Your Own Workflows

Instead of one-size-fits-all interactions, Trumpia allows you to create completely custom-tailored automated workflows, without requiring a programming team. You can drag-and-drop to easily build out a workflow to meet your business needs, or use one of our proven pre-built workflows and quickly adapt it to your needs, saving repetitive chores and reducing human errors.

Use Multi-Channel Communications To Reach Your Entire Audience

Tumpia gives you a multi-channel platform, combining traditional and proven communication channels like email with newer and more wide-reaching methods like mass texting and the ability to send MMS messages. Even better, our platform is integrated so you don't send repetitive messages, and you can even automatically send messages based on the subscriber's channel preferences.

Use Multi-Channel Communications To Reach Your Entire Audience
Trumpia's software built-in integrations

Personalized Customer Journeys

Instead of a collection of isolated SMS marketing features like mass texting, you can build customer journeys with Trumpia; from the initial opt-in and nurturing, to conversion and the feedback loop. No competitor can match what we do because our automated workflows are easy-to-use but also powerful. Our workflows can automatically carry out interactions with every single subscriber, something that would be impossible without automation.

Customer Service

Great software is nothing without great service. Whether it's a technical question or seeking advice about campaigns or compliance, you need a text marketing software that has real live support. Trumpia's support team is available 365 days a year, and our average response time is within 9 minutes (during business hours). In addition to support, we have account managers who work with our customers to build winning campaigns as well as advise them on compliance and best messaging practices.

Trumpia's software built-in integrations
Trumpia's software built-in integrations

Integrate with the Software You're Already Using

You're likely already using different applications to run your business, whether it's a cart management software like Shopify, a CRM like Salesforce, or other. Trumpia offers a number of ways for you to integrate with these systems so they work seamlessly together. See more details on integrations.


Forbes: "Trumpia is a well-known marketing automation company with A-list clients such as Jamba Juice, Chick-fil-A and Omni Hotels & Resorts. We picked it as the best service for marketing campaigns because its standard plan offers robust automation and targeting features such as drip campaigns, dynamic targeting, link tracking and data capture. Its advanced plans include more intricate marketing features such as auto campaigns, conditioned drip campaigns, real-time targeting and behavior tracking."

Trumpia's software built-in integrations

Named Best for Marketing Campaigns by Forbes Advisor

  • Capterra
  • G2
  • Software Advice

Basics to Look For in An
SMS Marketing Software

These are the basic requirements you should look for when you want to get started with text marketing.

  • End User ToolsEnd User Tools

    An text marketing software must have all of the modern end user tools. This includes mass texting, keywords, Online signup pages, MMS picture messaging, two-way messaging, surveys, automated reminders, and reporting. Any service that does not have these basic features is not worth your time or money.


    Indiscriminate message blasting is not very effective. If you do not target your messages, you risk customers opting out of your campaigns and potentially hurting your image. On top of this, you need a solution like Trumpia that has real-time targeting so your contact lists are always up to date.

  • AutomationAutomation

    You need at least some form of automation to handle repetitive messaging tasks for you. For instance, a basic auto responder is mandatory, as it lets you respond to customer's and give them information or forward them to the right person. While this level of automation is common, you really should look for more -- like Trumpia.

    API + Integrations + API + IntegrationsAPI + Integrations

    You're likely already using different applications to run your business, whether it's a cart management software like Shopify, a CRM like Salesforce, or others that may require API integrations. Trumpia offers a number of ways for you to integrate with these systems so they work seamlessly together. See more details on integrations.

SMS Marketing Success Stories

Here are some success stories from Trumpia customers that prove that proper SMS Marketing can make a big difference for your business.

Jamba Juice is an American quick-service restaurant and juice bar chain that sells smoothies and other products nationally, and is one of America's favorite brands. Jamba Juice of Bakersfield used mass SMS and QR code campaigns to increase store traffic by 10%.

"Trumpia's SMS marketing provides us with the most direct, immediate and affordable way to connect with local residents and quickly build a loyal following. The return on investment we've enjoyed since we began using Trumpia's platform has been tremendous."


Katch is an award winning software company, best known for enabling brands to engage and monetize website visitors. Katch uses SMS to help their insurance provider client achieve a 15% conversion rate from all leads.

"Trumpia's Auto Campaigns are far more efficient, especially since there is currently only one team member here who's in charge of the platform. It also makes the time in which we re-market to the individual instant, rather than waiting a full day to re-market in a bulk send."

How to Get Started:
It's as easy as 1-2-3

  • Create a Way to Sign Up


  • Send Your Message


  • Analyze


  • Step 1: Create a way to sign up

    Once you sign up for a text marketing software, the first step is to create a way for customers to opt in to receive your messages. There are 3 common ways to do this.

    • Text keyword allow customers to opt themselves into your messaging campaigns by texting the keyword to your number. Trumpia will automatically capture their phone number, so you can message them later.
    • Online signup pages allow customers to opt in by filling out a form on your website, giving you consent to message them as well as their contact information.
    • Provided you have express written consent from your customers that they want to receive messages from you, you can import or manually add their contact information into your Trumpia database.
  • Step 2: Send Your Message

    This step may be as simple as logging in to your account and composing your message. Depending upon the system you are using, you could even do things like schedule the message to be sent at a later date & time, target your message to a specific subset of contacts, or insert shortened links for your customers to click.

  • Step 3: Analyze

    Once you've sent your message, your service provider should be able to give you statistics on things like engagement and open rates. This way, you can gauge how your campaigns are doing, what went right, and what may need some tuning.

SMS Marketing Compliance Overview

There are many rules and regulations that dictate proper practices when using SMS in marketing. It's very important to stay compliant with these, as failure to do so can often result in fines and the deprovisioning of your texting code.

  • Don't' Send
    Unwanted Messages (AKA Spam)

    Sending messages to customers without their consent is not only a bad practice, it's illegal! Unlike email, you have to receive a customer's explicit consent in order to start texting them. Luckily, along with the proper disclosures, mobile keywords and OSPs automatically get that consent for you.

  • Don't Send
    Texts at the Wrong Time

    Of course, timing is imperative when you're sending an alert that needs instant attention or a message about a particular event like your holiday promotion. But sending a message too early or too late in the day can alienate your customers and lead to mass opt-outs.

SMS Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SMS marketing cost?

It's very cost effective, as SMS messages cost only a fraction of a cent per message. If you choose an SMS marketing software like Trumpia you can also pair SMS messages with MMS and email marketing to get even further results.

What is an Online Signup Page?

An online signup page, or OSP for short, allows you to opt subscribers into your marketing campaigns by filling out a form online. OSPs are a great way to collect more information from a subscriber like their name, interests, birthday, etc.

What is Landline Texting?

Landline Texting (also known as text to landline) enables your business's existing landline or toll-free number to send and receive text messages. This way, people can get immediate interaction with your business without interrupting their busy day by being stuck on a long phone call or playing email tag. This also lets you only advertise a single number in your collateral, rather than one number for calls and a different number for texts.

How Can I Grow My Subscribers Lists With SMS Marketing?

The biggest thing to keep track of is that you must obtain explicit consent from subscribers before adding them to your lists of subscribers. This consent can be obtained through opt-in mechanisms such as SMS keywords, online forms, text-to-join campaigns, or written consent forms.

To further grow your list you can offer incentives or exclusive content to encourage people to subscribe to your SMS marketing messages. This could include special discounts, promotions, or access to early releases or limited-time offers.

What are text keywords for SMS Marketing?

A text keyword is a word or phrase you select for your customers to text in order to subscribe for your alerts. When a customer texts in your keyword, your software will automatically capture their phone number and store it in your database. In an ad reading, “Text ‘DEALS' to 12345 to join our mobile alert program, ”DEALS” is the mobile keyword.

What are Short Codes used for in SMS marketing?

Short codes are 5- to 6-digit numbers that are exclusively for text messaging and SMS marketing. This means these numbers cannot be called. They are “short”, easier to remember, easy to text on the go, and allow for high throughput messaging.

What is an MMS message in text marketing?

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages enable you to send pictures and videos, making them great for grabbing your audience's attention and keeping your text marketing fun and engaging.

Is SMS Marketing Legal?

Absolutely. In the United States, it is regulated by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the CAN-SPAM Act. The TCPA requires businesses to get and maintain explicit consent from recipients before they can send them SMS messages. These regulations also set requirements for message content, identification, and opt-out procedures. The CAN-SPAM Act mostly applies to email, but it also includes provisions related to text messages. To read more about Trumpia's spam policy please click here.

What is the Best Time to Send Marketing SMS Messages?

There is a debate between many experts, but in general the time that is accepted as best is between 1pm - 5pm in the time zone your recipient lives in. This has been found to increase the likelihood they click on your links, thus leading to a higher chance they purchase from your company, or at the very least see your products or services and potentially purchase in the future.