Trumpia offers both built-in integrations that are standard for any user as well as the option to hire our development team to create integrations for you.

Built-In Integrations


Trumpia’s built-in integration with Salesforce lets you automatically add new leads captured via our software into Salesforce, so you don’t have to retype the contact information manually. This means you collect more qualified leads using Trumpia’s online sign-up pages and mobile keywords, and you can instantly begin engaging and managing them via Salesforce.


Out-of-the-box, Trumpia comes integrated with Typeform. So, you can automatically sync any contacts collected through a form on their system into your Trumpia database including any custom data fields you may have created. Create stunning forms using their pre-built templates or start from scratch, and then embed it into your website, send via an email, or post the link on your social pages.


Zapier is a web-based application that enables you to automate tasks across programs such as Shopify, Google Calendar, Slack, and Trumpia. Zapier is a great resource for those who don’t know how to code, but want SMS integration. All you have to do is:

  1. Setup a “trigger” in software “A”.
  2. Set its following “action” in software “B”.
  3. Sit back and let Zapier do the work for you.
Zapier Compatible Features
Features that can Trigger an Action in another software:
  • Mobile keyword opt-in
  • Keyword data capture
  • Message response
Actions that can be Triggered by another software:
  • Send text to contact
  • Send text to distribution list
  • Search contacts
  • Create a contact

Integration Services

Trumpia also offers a service where we will create custom integrations for you. So, if you do not have a developer on site or don’t want to devote the time to integrate, our expert custom development team is here to help. We offer different types of integrations, all of which range in price depending on the amount of work required from our team.

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Basic Integrations

Our entry-level integration offers the ability to integrate Trumpia with thousands of the most popular software today, so that whenever a certain action occurs in one software, it automatically sets off a subsequent action in another software.

Here are just 9 examples out of over 2,000 applications:

  • Google Calendar

    Create a reminder message that’s automatically triggered by a scheduled event.

  • Google Sheets

    Save results to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

  • HubSpot

    Automatically alert a rep when a contact becomes a Sales Qualified Lead.

  • MailChimp

    Sync Trumpia contacts with your MailChimp database.

  • Patreon

    Automatically get a notification if someone is a new pledge or stops pledging.

  • Slack

    Have an alert automatically pop up in Slack when you get an inbound message in Trumpia.

  • ShipStation

    Automatically send a notification to a customer when their item has shipped.

  • Shopify

    Automatically send a message when a customer abandons their cart.

  • Workable

    Automatically send an SMS message when a candidate hits a certain stage.

... and much more!

Advanced Reports

Trumpia already includes many metrics in our reports feature, giving you an overview of your campaigns. However, if you need certain custom reports that are not otherwise provided, we can extract that data and deliver it to you via FTP, Google Drive or Dropbox, or an Email w/ attached CSV.

Get detailed custom metrics on:

  • Opt-outs

  • Real-Time Voting Choices

  • Sign-up Information

  • & much more

Location Finder

This integration allows anyone to find their closest location of your organization by simply texting a mobile keyword.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1

    The contact texts in your mobile keyword

  • 2

    Our system asks them for their Zip Code/Street Address

  • 3

    Our system automatically takes their response and either uses Google’s Geolocation Integration* to find the nearest locations, or compares it against a location contained in your database that you supply us with.

  • 4

    Our system automatically sends the person the addresses of the three nearest locations.

*Note: Google Geolocation Integration requires additional API passthrough costs charged by Google.

Custom Integrations

For more complex projects that are not possible through our built-in integrations or other integration services, or we also offer a more in-depth service with our development team. They’ll walk with you step-by-step to create the exact solution you need through the following process:

  • Introductory Call

  • Statement of Work Proposal

  • Agreement

  • Implementation

  • Delivery