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Trumpia’s Workbench is an automated workflow builder that allows you to customize your text messaging and email campaigns through an easy-to-use UI with drag-and-drop functionality. Workbench requires no coding and comes with dozens of pre-built templates so you can kickstart your messaging campaigns quickly.

Trumpia’s Workbench is an automated workflow builder that allows you to customize your text messaging and email campaigns through an easy-to-use UI with drag-and-drop functionality.

Build powerful and tailored engagement with your customers, members, and employees without
needing to know how to code. Create powerful new workflows in minutes instead of months, and modify
them on the fly whenever you need to.

Why Use Workbench?

  • Trumpia’s Workbench provides customizing capabilities illustration

    Unsurpassed Customizability

    Trumpia Workbench gives you the freedom to create complex workflows with step-by-step instructions so you never get lost. Other workflow tools are difficult to use and don't give you enough control over customizing your workflows.

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    Automate Chores

    Common messaging chores can lead to wasted productivity and manual errors. Our Workflows allow you to automate chores, cut down on mistakes, and help you provide top quality service 24/7.

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    Free Up Time

    You can use Workbench to carry out tasks such as sending out timely offers, triggered reminders, and targeted alerts. This frees your staff up to work on more important tasks, and gives your customers faster and more relevant service.

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    Build One-of-a-Kind Processes Just for You

    Your business logic should determine how your workflows work, not the other way around. A messaging system that fully understands your business workflow can turbocharge your business instead of having to tell customers “that is just how our system works.”

What are Workflows?

A Workbench automated workflow

Workflows are automated campaigns that carry out complex actions for your business. They lead customers or employees through a personalized journey in order to deliver them the information or experience they want. Currently, your business might have elaborate processes that require employees to carry out manual tasks like sending follow-up surveys, onboarding new hires, or responding to frequently asked questions. Trumpia Workbench can completely automate these existing processes, so you can eliminate repetitive work for your employees and enable them to be more productive.

How It Works

Our workflow is easy to use because it has a drag and drop interface that help you build complex workflow in minutes. There is no coding required, so you can save time and money from having to hire a programming team. Here are the components (called objects) you'll use to put together to create your workflow.

  • Triggers

    Illustration highlights Workbench trigger capabilities Illustration highlights Workbench trigger capabilities

    Triggers are objects in a workflow that kickstart the action.
    They begin the interaction based on your contact taking action or their information getting updated, like when they are put on a new list. Some examples of triggers are when a contact texts in a keyword, responds to a prompt, clicks a link, or earns a certain score in contact scoring.

  • Actions

    Workbench's workflow actions illustration Workbench's workflow actions illustration

    Actions are objects in a workflow that carry out tasks when they are triggered or when a condition is met.
    This ranges from sending a text message or email to a new customer to starting a conversation with your employee. It also can do things like score a lead, answer questions, put a contact in a list, update a data field, or any of dozens of other actions that may be required to complete the workflow.

  • Conditions

    Illustration for Workbench's workflow conditions Illustration for Workbench's workflow conditions

    Conditions are objects that check on a value.
    Whether it’s a contact's status in your system or just how they've responded to your prompts, they let you react to your contact and respond accordingly in order to make sure they get the best possible interactions.

  • Pauses

    Icon shows how a workflow can pause until the subscriber takes action or waits a specified time before sending another message Icon shows how a workflow can pause until the subscriber takes action or waits a specified time before sending another message

    Pauses are objects that wait for certain things to happen.
    Sometimes your workflow simply has to wait for the subscriber to take action or wait a specified time before sending another message. Pauses can also lead to the end of a workflow, discontinuing when the overall goal is met.

Example Workflows

  • Lead nurturing icon

    Lead Nurturing

    Our lead nurturing workflows allow you to move leads down your sales pipeline, leading to more sales. With our workflows you can ask customers questions and qualify them, giving you more information and allowing you to automatically target them with personalized deals. Whether they click a link or follow a decision tree, our software learns more about them and lets you use that information to close more deals.

  • Icon of Trumpia's chatbot workflow

    Chat Bots

    Workflows can carry out automate two-way conversations for you, like automatically answering frequently asked customer questions. Our chatbot workflows can dynamically interact with your customers so that you meet their needs while saving your employees from having to contact every customer every time they have an issue.

  • Workbench's automated workflows allow you to collect actionable data illustration

    Data Collection

    Learning about potential customers is the difference between a good and a great sales process. Our workflows allow you to collect actionable data from subscribers like their name, number, email, and more. From there you can harness this data to better market your products to your customers based on what our system has learned for you.

  • Workbench drip campaigns illustration

    Drip Campaigns

    Our workflows allow you to automate drip campaigns and react to customers based on actions they take or delays you build into the workflow. Our intelligent workflows personalize their interactions with subscribers so your drip campaigns are more effective. It’s like having a dedicated point of contact for every customer without needing staff to follow up manually every time.

Sample Use Case Templates

Workbench comes with pre-built applets that have been tried and tested to help customers reach their goals. Any of these workflows can be tailored to meet your specific uses cases.

Workbench provides templates for nonprofit organizations, churches, Human Resources, and customer service and sales teams
  • Non-Profit Organizations &

    • Onboarding/Newcomer campaign
    • Donation reminders
    • Event RSVP reminder/campaign
    • Event Feedback/survey campaigns
  • HR:
    Internal Communications

    • Onboarding/Newcomer campaign
    • Employee Onboarding
    • Event Feedback/survey campaigns
  • Customer Service

    • Automated FAQs
    • Automated Support
    • Surveys
  • Sales

    • Lead generation/qualification
    • Sales Funnel Automation
    • Automated Upselling