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MMS Messaging Software

A picture's worth a thousand words, and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages enable you to send mobile messages with captivating pictures or videos. This leads to a more engaging way to grab your audience's attention and get them interested in your important messages, products, or services. Whether it's a holiday greeting with a coupon or an exciting announcement, MMS is the best way to deliver a powerful message that is instantly read and boosts your brand image.

The Trumpia Advantage

  • Smart Targeting Only Trumpia can send tailored and highly relevant MMS messages that will double your results and minimize opt-outs.
  • Automation Our software can automatically send MMS messages for you when a subscriber does things like text your keyword, click a link, or reply to a specific message.
  • Two-Way MMS Don't just talk to your audience, listen too. With Trumpia, subscribers can also send you pictures.
  • Landline Texting Text-enable your business's existing phone number, so subscribers can text pictures to your business as well as call.
  • Integrated Messaging Integrate our SMS messaging into your applications with our REST and HTTP API's. We also integrate via hundreds of applications you already use through Zapier.
  • Enterprise Tools Set access rights to contacts and features such as who's allowed to send MMS messages for different regions, locations, departments, or roles.
  • Engagement Features Create compelling text messaging campaigns with our host of tools including text-to-join keywords, SMS surveys, and more.
  • Number Options Trumpia offers a variety of ways to mass message including short code, toll-free numbers, landline, and the upcoming 10DLC-A2P.

Why MMS?

Use MMS messaging to send customers pictures with offers and longer messages.
  • 96% of phones have the capacity to accept MMS in the United States.

  • Users are more likely to open colorful MMS messages because they stand out from plain-text messages.

  • MMS has the same 98% read rate of SMS.

  • MMS doesn't require a smartphone or data plan to receive images.

  • Eliminate the use of paper and cut the cost of expensive direct mailers.

How Different Industries Can Use MMS

  • Marketing

    Send videos, or promote brand awareness by incorporating your logo. MMS creates powerful visual-branding possibilities.

  • Retail

    Engage and mobilize customers by sending enticing coupons, important alerts, event invitations, or holiday greetings.

  • Restaurants

    Send mouth watering pictures of your food or an image of your menu for easy ordering.

  • Insurance

    Have policy holders send you pictures from the scene of an accident for their claim.

  • Customer Service

    Let customers text you a picture or video of their faulty product to get a refund.

  • HR

    Circulate pictures of your latest corporate outing to boost morale.

Note on Provisioning for MMS:
Unless your primary number is provisioned for both SMS and MMS, all picture and video messages will be sent from a
separate MMS-enabled short code by default. Provisioning a dedicated short code for MMS can add an additional 2
months to the process. Toll-free numbers come pre-provisioned for MMS.