Text to Landline

Sending Text Messages From
Your Business Number

What is Text to Landline?

Text to landline (also known as Landline Texting) is the practice of sending and receiving text messages from your landline number. This is especially great for customer service and having conversations with your audience. To your customers, these appear the same as the text messages they send every day to coworkers and friends, meaning it is a natural communication channel that customers appreciate from businesses they frequent.

We use our phones for everything nowadays: to watch movies, play games, exercise, take, edit and send photos and videos and sometimes even talk to our friends and family. Now you can even send a text landline numbers!

For a business with a physical location, a hardware-based phone system pretty much comes standard, unless they want to equip everyone with mobile phones and do all their work entirely in the cloud. So can people living and working in the landline world take part of texting, one of the favorite features of mobile phones? Yes!

Why Landline Texting Is Effective

Over a third of consumers have opted themselves in to receive text messages from businesses. And that number is only growing. And it’s been shown that over sixty percent of those that sign up have redeemed at least one offer that has been sent to them. This all means that text landline for businesses can bring a substantial ROI due to the popularity and power of the channel. Here are some statistics that every business should know about SMS:

  • 98% of texts are read, compared to just 22% of emails

  • 90% text messages are read within 3 minutes..

  • Text messages are responded to 7.5x more often and 60x quicker than emails.

  • 89% of consumers say they want to text message to communicate with a business, but only 48% of businesses are equipped to do this.

  • Over60% of consumers would rather text than call when given the option for customer service.

  • 81% of customers get frustrated when a business puts them on hold during a call to customer service.

  • 68% of consumers say that the option to text a company's customer service department would be convenient.

  • 86% of consumers would text a business for a better customer experience.

  • Text messaging is also beneficial for the businesses themselves, with as many as 67% of businesses already choosing it over phone calls.

  • More than 64% of text-capable consumers choose texting over other options.

Benefits of Text to Landline

It can be frustrating when people have to wait for service on a computer or a phone, something that doesn’t seem to be as common with a text-based interaction. A pattern of slow service at one company can also test loyalty. Here are a few reasons why SMS is growing rapidly for customer service.

  • Use The Same Number

    Instead of requiring separate numbers for “text us” and “call us,” companies can provide one general “contact us” number that is text to landline enabled that can be included on business cards, advertising and your website. Customers can use the same number for an initial text, and then follow up with a voice call later if they want to seek more details or resolve a customer service issue.

  • Keep Messages Threaded

    If customers only sent texts to individual employees, or left voice mail messages on individual phones, it would be hard to keep track of their activity. However, a text to landline system makes it easy to gather all conversation threads from a particular customer or employee, and provide an easy reference to review past discussions. This also lets management audit your employee’s interactions with customers so that any issues can be addressed.

  • Have Multiple Conversations

    It’s good form, when you’re in a voice-to-voice conversation, to only focus on that only. But when texting is involved, it’s much easier to multitask and have several conversations taking place at once. Companies could be helping or interacting with several customers at once. It’s good for the customers, who can receive personalized service without waiting long, and for customer service staff, who can help several people at once. Companies can also respond back via text. These messages can be forwarded to other text to landline boxes or mobile numbers. Plus, you can also attach photos or video, making it a MMS message.

  • Streamline Operations

    Employees who have personal mobile phones may not necessarily want customers who are interested in sending texts to know their personal phone numbers. Instead, customers can send a text to one main company number. Or they can send to an individual’s business number, and the text message can be sorted and placed into an inbox for that particular employee rather than a master box for everyone to peruse. Employees also don’t have to worry about cluttering up their personal mailboxes with personal and work texts.

    Security continues to be the highest concern of why companies aren’t adopting this approach. Losing a phone or having it be hacked could give unauthorized people access to potentially sensitive company information. A main text to landline will approach will let the customer contact the company directly.

    The process can offer companies – and their customers – the best of both worlds. It allows companies to offer interactions with their customers with and without smartphones, including those who prefer texting.

Use Cases

Different types of businesses and organizations have used texting from their landline to meet their goals. Since there are a wide variety of businesses that can take advantage of business messaging, we wanted to cover how this powerful tool has been proven to work for our customers.

  • Retail - Promote Your Sales

    Since 98% of text messages get seen by your audience, texting is the most effective way to answer your customers questions about your services.

    • Texting is a great way to get the word out about new products, sales, or new locations.
    • Answer customer questions in real time and make sure any customer service issues are resolved quickly.
  • Churches - Reach Your Congregation

    Text messaging is the best way to answer member questions or ask for feedback.

    • Easily connect with new members and answer any questions they may have about your organization.
    • Texting is perfect for your pastors to reach congregants in a quick and private manner.
  • Schools - Reach More Students

    Text to landline can help you communicate with students and staff across campus and make sure your campus runs smoothly.

    • Answer potential student questions about campus events or scholarship information.
    • Your counselors can send individual reminders like FAFSA deadlines or registration reminders.
  • Hotels - Fill your empty rooms

    Landline messaging is a great way for hospitality companies to service their guests and ensure they have a great stay.

    • Have your concierge answer guest questions in real time.
    • Texting can do things like book spa visits or communicate with your valet.
  • Recruiting - Get More Candidates

    You text with your family and coworkers, so why not text candidates for job openings? Text messaging is the perfect way to talk to recruits.

    • Ask and answer candidates questions about their qualifications so you can find the right fit more quickly.
    • Send text messages for reminders about upcoming job interviews or recruiting events.
  • Real Estate - Answer Questions About Listings

    Texting via landline is a quick and easy way to answer buyer questions and they let you keep your personal number private.

    • Answer buyer questions quickly and send them personalized alerts throughout the closing process.
    • Send MMS pictures via landline so that buyers can see the property before they decide to visit your open houses.
  • Restaurants - Take Orders and Reservations

    SMS messaging is perfect for communicating with your patrons without tying your staff up on the phone.

    • Receive takeout orders via SMS and send customers updates on when their food will be ready
    • Take reservation requests and send a text to customers when their table is ready.

The Trumpia Advantage Trumpia's service works by allowing customers to send text messages directly to your business's landline or toll-free number. Customers may use text to landline to ask a general question, inquire about a product, place an order or simply communicate with your company more discreetly. Some customers also use this service when they don't have an opportunity to call during business hours or if they don't have time to be placed on hold.

  • More convenient for customers

    Customers can communicate with your business at their convenience. They don't have to set aside time for a phone call or worry about being placed on hold. They can even send messages outside of business hours.

  • Streamline efficiency for customer service

    Receive fewer disruptive phone calls by allowing your staff members to focus on other activities. Rather than dealing with phone calls at random times throughout the day, your staff members can handle large numbers of communications in one sitting.

  • Record-keeping and organization

    Your communications with consumers are stored in text form in Trumpia platform, it is easy to keep detailed, organized records that can be accessed at any time.

  • Shorter wait times for customers

    Customers who text your company won't have to spend time on hold, and customers who visit your business in person won't have to spend as much time waiting for your staff members to deal with phone calls. This leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction

  • Customers only need to remember one number

    Trumpia's text to landline services work with your existing phone number, so you won't need to worry about memorizing a new number or promoting more than one number to consumers.

  • Employees can have separate accounts

    If you have multiple employees with separate business lines, you can establish separate text inboxes for each employee with Trumpia.