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Landline Texting Service

Don't Miss out on Texts People are sending
to your Business Number

What is a Landline Texting Service?

We've all been there. You call a business for a simple question like how to return a product, only to be put on hold. Trumpia's landline texting service feature helps solve this issue by enabling your business's existing landline or toll-free number to send and receive text messages. This way, people can get immediate interaction without interrupting their busy day. One of the worst feelings any customer can ever experience is to be put on hold by a business you are just asking a simple question to. Whether it is long wait times, inconsistent customer service hours, or more, it can be an extremely frustrating process. This is why you probably need Trumpia's landline texting service. Landline texting is a feature that allows you to text enable your pre-existing business number so that you can start sending and receiving messages. This is a great way to help answer quick questions via text message rather than having to schedule a phone call each time.

Is Landline Text Messaging Effective?

Text landline for businesses can bring a substantial ROI due to the popularity and power of the channel. Here are some statistics that every business should know about SMS Marketing:

Landline texting lets you use your existing phone number to text
  • 89% consumers say they want to text to communicate with a business, but only only 48% of businesses are equipped to do this.

  • Over 60% of consumers would rather text than call when given the option for customer service.

  • 81% of customers get frustrated when a business puts them on hold during a call to customer service.

  • 68% of consumers say that the option to text a company would be convenient.

Benefits of Text to Landline

  • Use the Same Number
  • Have Multiple Conversations
  • More Convenient for Customers
  • Catch Missed Messages
  • Streamline Operations
  • Use the Same Number

    Instead of requiring separate numbers for "text us" and "call us," companies can provide one general "contact us" number that is text-enabled. This can be included on business cards, advertising, your website, and everywhere else you publish your number. Customers can use the same number for an initial text, and then follow up with a voice call later if they want to seek more details or resolve a customer service issue.

  • Have Multiple Conversations

    When you're in a voice-to-voice conversation, that interaction commands all of your attention. But when texting is involved, it's much easier to multitask and have several conversations taking place at once. This means organization could be helping or interacting with several customers, members, or employees at the same time.

  • More Convenient for Customers

    Customers can communicate with your business at their convenience. They don't have to set aside time for a phone call or worry about being placed on hold. They can even send messages outside of business hours.

  • Catch Missed Messages

    58 percent of people say that they have responded to a missed phone call from a business with a SMS/MMS text message. Unfortunately, most of those businesses were not set up to handle text conversations. Don't let this be your business.

  • Streamline Operations

    Nobody wants to use their personal mobile phone number to text for business. It risks cluttering up your personal phone's text inbox, and can be annoying when away from work.

Commonly Asked Questions About Landline Text Messaging

Can I use my existing landline?

Yes! This is one of the major benefits of landline texting.

Is there any additional setup?

No. All you need to do is register your phone number with us, and you're good to go.

Do I have to create a new phone number?

It depends. If you already have a pre-existing landline number, you can simply request to text enable that number. Otherwise, we do provide a phone number whenever you sign up to use SMS text.

How can I get a new number?

Most SMS software work by text-enabling an existing landline phone number. This means you need to first get a phone number from a separate provider. Alternatively, Trumpia is able to provide a 10-digit number for you to use for texting, but it would not be voice enabled.

What are the drawbacks of Landline Texting?

Currently, wireless carriers have not provisioned landline numbers to send mass text messages. In fact, their throughput can be as slow as 1 message per second. This means if I need to send out a promotion to 1,000 customers, it would take 1,000 seconds to send them all. So for certain use cases such as mass marketing, landline texting may not be the best option.