Short/Long Code Options

We offer a complete set of SMS number type options so no matter your use case, we have an option that suits it.

Short Codes

Short codes are 5- to 6-digit numbers that are exclusively for text messaging. They are “short”, easier to remember, easy to text on the go, and allow for high throughput mass messaging.

Shared Short Codes

Shared short codes are being sunsetted due to their ongoing risk of being shut down by carriers if one user misuses it or is non-compliant with their messaging.

Dedicated Short Codes

These short codes operate exactly the same as their shared variant, but are only used by a single organization. This opens them up to a number of benefits, but also means they come with additional costs.

Long Codes

Long Codes are the 10-digit numbers that we are all accustomed to. Along with being more readily recognizable as a phone number than short codes, long codes offer the added benefit of being able to use a single number for calls and texting.

P2P Long Code

These are local 10-digit numbers that are only meant for 1-to-1 communication, and are currently only available via API. If you need, we can generate a new text enabled 10-digit number for you.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers are great because they give you the same power and flexibility of dedicated short codes (e.g.: provisioned for mass messaging and only 1 user per number), but at a fraction of the cost. They also give you the presence of a large, national company.

A2P Long Code

Wireless carriers and aggregators have informed us that they plan to provision local 10-digit phone numbers for mass commercial purposes sometime in the foreseeable future. They will essentially work like dedicated short codes, including compatibility with all of Trumpia’s features, but will essentially cost the same as inexpensive shared short codes.