Toll-Free Text Messaging

Send SMS Text Messages from Your Toll-Free Number

Toll-Free Text Messaging

In the modern SMS Marketing marketplace, short codes used to be the most common messaging channel. With shared short codes being shut down by carriers, a new number option has taken over: Toll-Free numbers. Toll-Free numbers combine the power of dedicated short codes with the lower cost associated with shared codes, leading to a powerful new number option.

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What are Toll-Free SMS Numbers?

Toll-Free numbers are ten digit phone numbers that can have the prefix 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833. These numbers have been provisioned by carriers to send text messages, and they can send hundreds of messages per minute depending on the text messaging provider and their carrier relationship.

Why Use Toll-Free SMS Numbers?

Shared short codes were great because they let you send mass messages, but they are in the process of being retired by carriers due to a number of drawbacks which you can read more about here. On the other hand, dedicated short codes eliminate these two problems but come at a significantly higher price.

This is where Toll-Free texting comes in. They cost thousands of dollars less than a dedicated short code, but come with many of the same benefits. However, they offer even more advantages including:

  • More Recognizable

    Because toll-free numbers are in the 10-digit format that most of us are used to, they are more readily recognized as a phone number and thus more likely to be engaged with.

  • National Brand

    Generally, toll-free numbers are associated with larger brands. But with Trumpia, they come packed with every plan.

  • A Single Number

    With a toll-free number, contacts can text or call the same number. This also means you only have to operate and advertise a single number on your collateral.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Toll Free Text Messaging

  • + How much does Toll-Free texting cost?

    Text enabling a Toll-Free number comes at a low cost, especially when compared to a dedicated short code. With Trumpia, every plan includes the use of a toll-free number.

  • + What is the difference between Toll-Free and short code?

    The main difference is cost. Since shared short codes have been sunsetted, the only available form of short code texting is a dedicated code, which costs thousands of dollars a year. Toll-Free numbers only cost a few dollars a month and support many of the same features of a dedicated code.

  • + Can I keep my current phone number for voice calls?

    Yes! With Trumpia, we can text-enable your existing phone number.

  • + What is the throughput for Toll-Free Numbers?

    This really depends on your provider. As a benchmark, Trumpia has the highest throughput in the industry of 150 messages a second, which is about 50x the speed of 3 messages a second that some competitors offer.

  • + Can I send photos or other media using a Toll-Free number?

    Yes! Toll-Free numbers are able to send and receive MMS messages which can include pictures or videos.