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Take a brief tour of our innovative marketing platform as we walk through the ins and outs of our integrated system!

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  • Keyword Sign-up

    You won't miss a beat with Mobile Keywords. People can sign up to receive messages and share their contact information with you at any time, from anywhere. Check out the video and guide to learn more!

  • Online Sign-up

    Ever fill out an online form before? Now you can create one for your business or organization so contact information will automatically be added to your database. Check out our video or guide to learn more!

  • Send Messages

    Learn how easy it is to send a message via any mode of communication (SMS and email). Check out the video or guide for the step-by-step details!

  • Custom Data Fields

    You can gather and record information about your contacts by creating custom data fields that can include information such as birthdays, city, preferences, and more!

  • Data Set Management

    Learn how to set up and manage data sets (sub-accounts) in the master account.

  • Export Contacts

    Now that you’ve built your database, you're probably wondering how to export your contacts! Click on this tutorial video to learn how.

  • Landline Registration

    Learn how to register and verify a landline phone number to send and receive SMS/MMS messages.

  • Remove/Block Contacts

    Remove old contacts from your database or block contacts who have opted out from being re-added.

  • Appointment Reminders

    This video illustrates how to send appointment text reminders to individuals or distribution lists, and how to schedule future appointment text reminders.

  • Inbox

    Learn how to manage your messages and contacts in your inbox. And now you can even create folders to better organize your messages!

  • SMS from Email

    Learn how to register your email and configure your settings to send SMS and MMS messages through email.

  • Voice Broadcast

    For those contacts that prefer to listen to messages rather than read them, you can send a Voice Broadcast recorded by you or our system!

  • Multi-Channel Voting

    Your contacts have opinions - get to know them better and gain instant feedback via SMS with a multiple choice question.

  • Text-to-Screen

    Liven up events by allowing attendees to text in and display their messages on a big-screen.

  • Yes/No Response

    A simple Yes (or No) will do for this feature. Learn how to ask contacts a Yes/No question via SMS messaging.

  • Loyalty Program

    The Loyalty Program takes your messaging a step further by building customer rapport. You don't want to fall back from today's marketing focus by ignoring loyal customers!

  • QR Code

    This video will walk you through how to create your own personalized Quick Response Code (QR Code). Then learn how to link it to a specific URL.

*Some features shown in these videos may no longer be available. However, they still give a great representation of our capabilities and UI.

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*Some features shown in these videos may no longer be available. However, they still give a great representation of our capabilities and UI.