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Two-Way Texting

Carry Out Two-way Text Conversations with Subscribers

Good conversation is a two-way street. With an open line of communication, not only can you send messages to your subscribers, but you can also hear back from them no matter where they are and at their own convenience.

Why Two-Way Texting?

  • 01 Gather insight and data from your audience.
  • 02 Text messages get responded to 60x faster and 7.5x more often than email.
  • 03 Nowadays, people want to text businesses, rather than risk being put on hold or having their emails go unread. Build stronger relationships by responding to your subscribers' questions or concerns quickly.

Two-Way Texting Use Cases

If you are a retail company or any business providing a service, this feature is an excellent tool that you have at your disposal. If you are running out of good and fresh ideas that can help revitalize your SMS marketing efforts or even improve your product itself, the best thing you can do is to ask your subscribers for help! For example, a clothing company can ask what new fall fashion trends their customers want to see and get dozens of ideas from their most invested customers.

The Trumpia Advantage

  • Automated FAQsWhile some conversations require a personal touch, others are pretty common and can be automated. So the next time a customer asks about your business hours or needs directions, our smart software can answer many of these questions for you.
  • Messaging TemplatesChoose from our prebuilt message templates or build a custom one to match your branding.
  • Smart TargetingOnly Trumpia can send tailored and highly relevant SMS messages based on your subscribers' responses that will maximize your results and minimize opt-outs. Learn more
  • Threaded ConversationsRather than having each rep glued to a single conversation, conduct multiple text engagements simultaneously and keep records of all message threads.
  • MMS FunctionalityWith Trumpia's two-way texting, you can send and receive picture messages too!
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