Text Message Appointment Reminders

#1 SMS Provider For Sending Appointment Reminder Texts

What are Appointment Reminder Texts?

Appointment reminder texts are text messages sent to mobile messaging subscribers to remind them of an upcoming appointment or reservation. Doctors, dentists, and other medical offices are quickly adopting appointment reminder texts because text reminders are seen more frequently than email or voice reminders, leading to fewer missed appointments.

With Trumpia, medical offices can send highly targeted and relevant messages to their contacts, automatically. This will save your office time and money, and your customers will appreciate your business more for making their experience more streamlined.

Why Medical Offices Need Appointment Reminder Texts

Studies show that over 33% of consumers have at some point opted in to receive text reminders from a service provider, like medical offices. Medical offices who use this information will in return reach more of their patients, decreasing no shows and increasing attendance.

Here are some statistics on why appointment reminder texts need to be a part of your medical offices’ patient outreach strategy:

  • Text Messages Get Seen

    98% of appointment reminder texts are read, compared to just 22% of emails

  • Text Messages Are Quick

    90% of text appointment reminder texts are read within three minutes. This makes it the most effective way to remind contacts of your sales and events.

  • Text Messages Are Engaging

    Appontment reminder texts have an engagement rate that is up to eight times higher than email.

  • Text Messages Are Everywhere

    89% of consumers say they want to use text message to communicate with a business, but only 48% of businesses are equipped to do this.

Getting Started with Appointment Reminder Texts

When you decide that your medical office should start sending appointment reminder texts, you need to find a text messaging provider like Trumpia. These providers give your health care office the ability to send appointment reminders to your patients, and they give you the tools to do even more than sending an SMS reminder.

How to Get Patients to Enroll In Receiving Text Reminders

Once you’ve decided on a text messaging provider, here are the steps you need in order to send text reminders to your customers.

  • Online Appointment

    If your office allows for online appointments, you can include an option in your forms to sign up for appointment reminders

  • During Scheduling

    When a patient calls in you can offer them the option to sign up for a text reminder before their appointment. Since this is an informational text, verbal consent is enough for them to opt in to receive your appointment reminders.

  • In The Waiting Room

    By displaying a keyword in your waiting rooms or on collateral, you can have your patients sign up to receive appointment reminders or reminders for things like flu shot season.

Appointment Reminder Text Use Cases

In this section, we want to cover how medical offices have used appointment reminders texts in order to engage their patients. This will help medical offices understand how appointment reminder texts will help them meet their needs and ensure patients remember their next medical office visit.

A texting solution like Trumpia can integrate with the scheduling software your office already uses to automatically send appointment reminder texts the day before their visit. With a service like Trumpia your appointment reminder texts can interact with your patients and can ask your contacts if they can make an appointment and help them reschedule if they can’t.

Send Appointment Reminder Texts

With 98% of all texts being read, there’s no better way to ensure patients remember their appointments.

  • You can also integrate with the scheduling software your office already uses to automatically send reminders the day before an appointment.
  • You can then automatically confirm whether or not the patient can make it, and send corresponding messages based on their answer.

Communicate with Employees

Trumpia makes sending important announcements and coordinating employees schedules faster and more effective.

  • Send internal messages for things like PTO requests or schedule reminder texts.
  • Fill missed shifts with email and text alerts to get coverage quickly.
  • Send important memos to staff instantly.

Follow Up Automatically

After an appointment, make sure your patients are well taken care of with automated follow-up messages.

  • Send periodic post-op care instruction and medication reminders.
  • Send surveys to patients to learn more about how you can better meet their needs.
  • Text-enable your office’s business phone number, so patients can text in to ask questions rather than be stuck on a call.

Trumpia Compliance Consulting

Due to HIPAA regulations, medical offices must be careful when sending appointment reminder texts to patients due to HIPAA regulations. But while there are many restrictions, we won’t leave you to fend for yourself. Our experienced consulting team is always here to advise you on the do’s and don’ts of text messaging, as well as help construct compliant campaigns that return ROI.