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What are text appointment reminders?

Text appointment reminders are text messages that are sent to subscribers in order to remind them of an upcoming appointment, meeting, or reservation. Businesses of all sizes are quickly adopting texting because SMS messages are opened and responded to far more frequently than email or voice messages, leading to fewer missed appointments. Trumpia allows businesses to automatically send targeted messages to contacts in order to close these opportunities.This will save your business time and lead to fewer missed meetings, leading to higher employee and customer satisfaction, all automated and reducing additional work for your business.

Why Businesses Need to Use Text Appointment Reminders

Studies show that over 33% of consumers have at some point opted in to receive text appointment reminders from a service provider. Businesses who use this information will in return reach more of their customers, decreasing no shows and increasing attendance.
Here are some statistics on why text appointment reminders need to be a part of your outreach strategy:

  • Text Messages Get Seen

    98% of texts are read, compared to just 22% of emails

  • Text Messages Are Quick

    90% of text texts are read within three minutes. This makes it the most effective way to remind contacts of your sales and events.

  • Text Messages Are Engaging

    Texts have an engagement rate that is up to eight times higher than email.

  • Text Messages Are Everywhere

    89% of consumers say they want to text message to communicate with a business, but only 48% of businesses are equipped to do this.

Getting Started

When you decide that your business should start sending appointment reminder texts, you need to find a text messaging provider like Trumpia. These providers give your business the ability to send alerts to your customers, and they give you the tools to do more than just send a text message.

How to get customers to enroll in receiving text reminders

Once you've decided on a text messaging provider, here are the steps you need in order to send text reminders to your customers.

  • During Scheduling When a customer calls in you can offer them the option to sign up for a text reminder before their appointment. Since this is an informational text, verbal consent is enough for them to opt in to receive your messages.
  • Online Appointment If your office has online appointments, you can include an option in your forms to sign up for messages, alerts, or reminders.
  • In The Waiting Room By displaying a keyword in your advertisements or on collateral, you can have your customers sign up to receive reminders for things quarterly check-ins.

Text Appointment Reminder Use Cases

In this section, we will cover how different businesses have used SMS messaging in order to engage their customers and automatically send them reminders. This will help businesses understand how text appointment reminders will help meet the needs of their employees and ensure customers remember their next visit.

Trumpia can integrate with the scheduling software your business already uses to automatically send reminders, and can be scheduled months out to reduce headaches and chores.

Powerful appointment reminder software can even help you automate rescheduling

Send Text Messages

With 98% of all texts being read, there's no better way to ensure customers remember their appointments.

  • You can also integrate with the scheduling software your office already uses to automatically send reminders the day before an appointment.
  • You can then automatically confirm whether or not the customer can make it, and send corresponding messages based on their answer.
Illustration of an appointment reminder system

Follow Up Automatically

After an appointment, make sure your customers are well taken care of with automated follow-up messages.

  • Send periodic summaries of your meetings. You can include links to your website and FAQ pages.
  • Send surveys to customers to learn more about how you can better meet their needs.
  • Text-enable your office's business phone number, so customers can text in to ask questions or schedule an appointment without risking being on hold.
Follow up surveys are a great way to ensure that the quality of service is high
Subscriber is happy to receive SMS messages targeting her interests

Communicate with Employees

Trumpia makes sending important announcements and coordinating employees schedules faster and more effective.

  • Send internal messages for things like PTO requests or schedule reminder texts. You can even send appointment reminders for internal events or meetings.
  • Fill missed shifts with email and text alerts to get coverage quickly.
  • Send important memos to staff instantly.

The Trumpia Advantage

Trumpia's automated solution for businesses does more than the simple messaging of the competition. This includes:

  • Automation
  • Smart Targeting
  • Lifecycle Engagement
  • Omnichannel Messaging
  • API
  • Automation

    Trumpia can send text appointment reminders for you. This will save time and effort, and it can help you reach your subscribers better and provide a better experience no matter what industry you are in.

    • Trumpia's Automated Workflows can carry out complex messaging campaigns for you. You just set our system up to send messages to your contacts and our software takes care of the rest. Our workflow builder Workbench even lets you create and edit programs in seconds, no programming knowledge needed.
    • You can easily run drip campaigns that send messages at set intervals whenever a contact makes a certain action on our platform. You compose the messages and set the timing and then we send the message at the perfect time!
  • Smart Targeting

    Trumpia's Smart Targeting sorts contacts to be sent messages based on criteria you set. This lets you send messages and automatically targets them for you, leading to better messaging and fewer opt outs.

    • Unlike some of the competition who can only send appointment reminders indiscriminately, Trumpia's Smart Targeting gets you results by maintaining your customer's satisfaction by not sending them spam messages and only sending personalized messages.
    • Trumpia's distribution lists automatically organize themselves in real time whenever your contacts update their information or when a new contact is added or unsubscribed. This means every text that is sent will have accurate information.
  • Lifecycle Engagement

    Trumpia's Lifecycle Engagement software is more than just a collection of tools, it is an automated engagement platform that helps you meet the needs of your customers.

    • By providing automated, intelligent messages, subscribers are more likely to stay subscribed to your messaging campaigns and become advocates for your business.
    • With intelligent messages you will see fewer opt outs and more customers engage with your messaging campaigns.
  • Omnichannel Messaging

    Trumpia isn't just for SMS messages, we have other channels for sending information to your contacts.

    • You can send voice messages too, ensuring you reach 100% of your audience no matter their preferred channel.
    • Our email comes with many of the same advanced features that our text messages have, including scheduling, targeting, and analytics.
  • API

    Trumpia's API is the best in the business, and that's because we give you high throughput with great messaging features. Customers keep growing with our API because of our unmatched support, powerful tools, and the ability to send messages through other messaging channels.

    • Trumpia can integrate with your existing scheduling software via Zapier.
    • You don't have to only send text messages. Our messaging solution allows you to send messages across all channels, including text, email, and voice broadcasts. This is perfect for sending announcements during things like tax season in order to get customers interested and ready.

Appointment Reminder FAQs

Are appointment reminders legal?

Absolutely. Appointment reminders are legal because your subscribers had to have opted in to your service to receive them. You can have them opt in via keyword, online signup page, or via verbal confirmation when they sign up with your service.

Could appointment reminders be considered spam?

No. Because you must have consent to send appointment reminders they are not spam. In fact most subscribers welcome them because it helps to remind them of an appointment and confirms that your business didn't forget about your meeting or call.

Can appointment reminders be automated?

Yes! A service like Trumpia can automate reminders by sending them for you at the right time based on any interval you set. You can easily compose reminders in our UI, or upload a spreadsheet with multiple reminders into our system that we can then send.

Can I include additional information in my appointment reminders (like a link)?

Yes. You can include additional things in your appointment reminders like links or picture messages. If you use an intelligent solution like Trumpia, we can even confirm an appointment for you and if the subscriber needs to reschedule we can include a link to your calendar to reschedule.