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Need engagement? The best way to drive traffic to your website or downloads of your app is by sending a link in your text messages. In fact, the clickthrough rate of links in texts is a whopping 45%, as opposed to just 7% for emails. Trumpia's Compliant Link Shortener lets you shorten URLs to a manageable size, boosting engagement.

The Trumpia Advantage

  • Compliant Links Certain public link shorteners such as bit.ly and rb.gy are frowned upon by the carriers, and using them may result in your messages getting blocked. Ours is designed to be compliant so your messages won't get flagged as spam.
  • Click-Through Tracking We can track whether your contacts have clicked your links, so that you can automatically follow up with them based on that data. So, if a customer clicks the link, you can automatically trigger a drip campaign to get them more involved. If they don't click the link, we can automatically send a reminder to click after a predefined period of time.
  • Better Usability Shortened links save you characters, since text messages are limited to 160 characters. Shortened links also make it easier for customers to read your messages, share your content, and reduce errors when they copy your links.