Yes/No Response

Sometimes all we really want is a simple answer. With Trumpia’s Yes/No Response SMS marketing feature, you can gain immediate feedback by asking your audience to respond to a question with a simple 'Yes' or 'No'. This is great way to grow your contact database by having contacts opt themselves in to vote. Or, if you already have a contact list, you can easily text a question to poll your audience and get instant replies.

Advantages of Yes/No Voting

  • Grow your contact database whenever a subscriber texts your keyword as long as you offer proper disclosure.
  • Customize your auto-responses for "Yes" replies and "No" replies.
  • Automatically track who has participated and who has not.
  • Receive immediate responses from your audience in critical situations.
  • Get reports on who participated, their responses, and statistical results.

The Trumpia Advantage

  • Auto Campaigns - Depending on whether the subscriber responds Y or N, send them different messages.
    See Example

    During a disaster, a school may ask students if they are in need of assistance. If they respond “yes”, they could be immediately asked where they are. If they respond “no”, they would be told to stay away from campus until further notice.

  • Smart Targeting - Automatically sort contacts into separate distribution lists based on how they respond, so you can target future messages.
    See Example

    A church may ask its congregation if they are interested in volunteering for an event, and then only send an event reminder to those who responded “yes”.