Landline Text Messaging

What is Landline Texting?

One of the worst feelings any customer can experience is to be stuck on hold by a business when they are just trying to get the answer to a simple question. Whether it is long wait times, inconsistent customer service hours, or more, it can be an extremely frustrating process. This is why you probably need Trumpia’s landline texting service. Landline texting is a feature that allows you to text enable your pre-existing business number so that you can start sending and receiving messages. This is a great way to help answer quick questions via text message rather than having to schedule a phone call each time.

Why Landline Texting?

  • 64% of customers want to text their customer service representatives rather than call.
  • 33% of customers hang up whenever they are put on hold and 81% of customers find it extremely frustrating to have to wait on hold.
  • SMS texting allows you to answer questions immediately and quickly, while still scheduling phone calls for questions that require further explanation.
  • Text-enabling your landline number allows you to avoid using multiple different numbers that may confuse clients who are trying to contact you the best way.
  • You can avoid using your personal phone number so that you can keep your work and personal life separate.

Why Your Customers Prefer Landline Text Messaging

  • Ask about a product, service, event, or directions
  • Make a reservation or place an order
  • Quickly follow up with a rep
  • Avoid wasting time while waiting on hold

The Trumpia Advantage

  • Employees can have separate inboxes, so they won't have to dig through a shared inbox to find their clients' messages.
  • Conduct multiple text engagements simultaneously and keep records of all message threads.
  • With Trumpia’s Landline Texting, you can send and receive picture messages too.


  • + Do I have to create a new phone number?

    It depends. If you already have a pre-existing landline number, you can simply request to text enable that number. Otherwise, we do provide a phone number whenever you sign up to use SMS text.

  • + Does it cost extra to text enable my landline number?

    No! In fact it comes with our basic package whenever you sign up to use Trumpia. We provide fair prices for the excellent service that we provide.

  • + What if my landline phone does not have a keypad I can text on?

    You actually do not need manual hardware to text when using our software. All of our messages are stored and handled on our own UI which can be found on our website. Sending messages are very easy with Trumpia.