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Lead Scoring

Trumpia's Lead Scoring tool allows you to automatically assign scores to your contacts based on behavior and attributes they take within our system. All of this data is collected via our two tracking features. Contacts can accumulate scores in different categories, making this a great tool for assessing interest and who to target the most.

How our Lead Scoring Tool Works

  • 01 Assign scores to actions based on which are most important to you, such as texting a keyword, clicking a link, etc…
  • 02 When a contact hits a certain cumulative score, have a message automatically sent to them.
Text message conversation shows Trumpia's powerful lead scoring capabilities


  1. 01Say a university has multiple keywords for potential students to text in to learn about their different programs (i.e.: Academics, Athletics, Financial Aid, & Residential Life).
  2. 02The university could make it so when a contact texts in one of these keywords, they would be assigned 5 points in that category.
  3. 03If the contact provides their full name, they get 3 more points.
  4. 04If the contact clicks a link about the category, they get 2 points.
  5. 05So if a student texted the keyword "FinAid", provided their full name, and clicked on a link about financial aid, they would have 10 points in that category.
  6. 06As soon as the student hits this mark, the university could automatically initiate a drip campaign that provides the student with information on their financial aid packages.