SMS Drip Campaigns for Staffing Agencies

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Why Use SMS Drip Campaigns for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies can use SMS features like SMS Drip Campaigns in order to collect more candidates and send targeted job openings.

SMS Drip Campaigns methodically send messages at specific intervals whenever someone takes certain actions in an automated texting system. With Trumpia industries or departments like Staffing Agencies can determine the messages and timing, then sit back and relax as we take care of the rest. What kicks off an SMS drip campaign can vary by system, but generally, it happens when a contact texts in an SMS keyword or fills out a linked form on a website. SMS drip campaigns work for many industries and departments but are specifically great for Staffing Agencies because it allows you to reach your contacts in powerful ways that you get to choose. Common uses for drip campaigns are lead generation, employee alerts, and reminders throughout the year. The best thing about Trumpia’s drip campaigns is they are highly customizable, allowing you to choose what kind of message you want (text or email), when a message gets sent (the trigger or delay), and when to stop the drip campaign

Overview of SMS Drip Campaigns for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies can learn more about potential employees with features like SMS Drip Campaigns so they can better place both temporary and permanent workers.

So how can an industry or department like Staffing Agencies use drip campaigns? First, you need to choose a texting provider like Trumpia. Then you need to build out your drip campaign, which can be done in a variety of ways. Trumpia uniquely can create automated workflows that give you the option to customize your drip campaigns in highly impactful ways. Our workflows can branch based on how your contact interacts with our system. A standard drip campaign will send out various messages at set times and then stop -- the end of the interaction. But with Trumpia’s automated workflows your drip campaigns can see how a customer interacts and then intelligently follow up, like if they show interest in one type of service or product we can automatically add them to a list so you can target them in the future. We can even send them tailored coupons that are far more likely to be redeemed because they are relevant to their interest.