SMS Smart Targeting for Accounting and Billing

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Why Use Smart Targeting for Accounting and Billing

Texting is perfect for Accounting and Billing because accountants can use features like SMS Smart Targeting to better meet their goals of streamlining communication with clients or employees and gathering the correct information.

SMS Smart Targeting is a feature exclusive to Trumpia, and it allows industries or departments like Accounting and Billing to automatically tailor your messages to your audience. Targeting is only as accurate as the data you collect. Our system enables you to ask questions and capture the responses instantly as you have conversations with your contacts. All data is automatically stored in your database, eliminating the need for manual entry. Trumpia’s SMS Smart targeting goes beyond the competition by letting Accounting and Billing sort contacts into separate distribution groups based on criteria you collect in real-time like customer characteristics, specific interests, and their behavior. Unlike other services which just blast messages out, our automated targeting saves you from damaging your customer relationships or branding by only sending the most relevant information. SMS Smart Targeting is built from the ground up to help you meet your customer's needs and send messages that get you a tangible return on your investment for each SMS marketing dollar.

Overview of Smart Targeting for Accounting and Billing

Texting is perfect for the crunch of tax season and communicating throughout the fiscal year, and SMS Smart Targeting is great for communicating with clients or employees no matter where they are.

So how doe SMS Smart Targeting work? Trumpia first needs to learn more about your customers so that we can send highly tailored messages to them. When the Accounting and Billing contact texts in your mobile keyword, our system can automatically ask them questions, like where they’re from, what their product preferences are, when their birthday is, and what their email address is. Our feature (called Data Capture) allows us to record their answers so we can target our messages, like targeting different customers based on the city they live in or the products they are passionate about. Then, when you go to send a message, Trumpia’s Smart Targeting can send different messages to different groups of contacts. So you can send one message to all of your golf fans in Detroit and a different message to all of your football fans in Atlanta, leading to better engagement and a more pleasurable customer experience, leading to more revenue.