Email & Text Software

While SMS text messaging is certainly the most used form of communication nowadays, email still has important uses, especially for businesses. Luckily all of Trumpia’s customers have access to email so they can implement an omni-channel communication strategy. This not only allows customers to cater to their customers’ communication preferences but also to keep all of these messages synced, so customers don't feel spammed or get messages that are unnecessary.


After reading all about our email marketing campaigns, here are some of the commonly asked and answered questions we receive regarding email marketing at Trumpia.

  • + Why should we use email AND text marketing together?

    It highly depends on the type of campaigns that you are attempting to roll out. We recommend using SMS text because of the incredibly high read rate at 98%. And we recommend using email marketing in order to communicate more information. Using them in conjunction can help ensure that people are receiving and clicking on your messages while understanding the information that you want them to know.

  • + Can I send email and text messages at the same time?

    Yes! The best part about using Trumpia is that you can select whether or not you want your message to be a text message or an email message with just the click of a button. You can select one or the other, or even both at the same time.

  • + Does it cost extra to send email messages?

    While you do not need to pay for a separate service in order to send email messages, they do take messaging credits. Each plan comes with separate credits for both email and SMS messages.